Spring has sprung!


Finally there are signs of Spring in the garden.  The Hellebore above is one of my favourites this week – I love the deepness of the purple flowers.  Unfortunately, if my memory serves me right the flowers are more washed out when they open.  There are bulbs appearing all over the garden, I never seem to remember planting them so they are a constant surprise.  I was pleased to see new leaves sprouting on some of the shrubs I moved late summer/autumn.


Things are stirring in the greenhouse.  There are signs of lifefrom the Delphinium seedlings.  I have never had any success with Delphiniums so I am really thrilled that they seem to have come through the winter.  My Ammi majus seedlings are going great guns.  I sowed them in the autumn as I read in Sarah Raven’s seed catalogue that if you sow them in autumn you will get plants flowering earlier the following year.  I wasnt convinced they would sprout but they are doing really well. 



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  1. Lzyjo says:

    Wow. Those Hellebore buds are so beautiful! I love graceful nodding buds, like a anemones and poppies, they are so elegant.

  2. Fi. says:

    I wonder if you could take a picture of your Ammi seedlings? I had sown some last year in the garden and left them and am now looking expectantly for the seedlings to come up – trouble is I don’t know what they look like.

  3. Owen says:

    How did your Ammi majus plants do- mine germinated well but got swamped by everything else around them as were directly sown outside. Loving reading through some of your old posts Helen! 🙂

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Owen
      Nice to hear from you. My ammi majus were pathetic, weak and short. Went to a talk by Fergus Garrett and they sow theirs in the autumn which gives them the tall plants. Might be worth a go

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