birds dismantling wildlife pond

Its all very well having a wildlife pond but when the birds start dimantling it you wonder why you bothered! When I build the pond about 3 years ago I covered the liner edge with turf as per Alan Titchmarsh’s instructions in How to be a Gardener.  This hasnt worked as the grass grew into the pond and I have had a constant battle with it pulling out clumps.  I cant get the mower to it either.  Last year the Magpies decided that the edge of the pond which was quite muddy was an excellent source of mud of their nests.  I ended up with bare patches with the liner showing through.  This spring the Blackbirds have joined in!!  Whilst I am happy to be assisting the birds with their nest building I am struggling to come up with alternatives for edging the pond.     On a plus side though, I noticed two clumps of frogspawn this morning.  Hopefully this year they will do better – last year they got hit by a late cold snap and were killed.

Have given up on trying to garden today due to the strong winds and rain.  Spent an hour in the greenhouse picking our some Heucheras.  The seedlings are so tiny they make you go cross eyed.  Sowed some more flower seeds from the CGS and also some Tomato Red Cherry (free this week with AGM).  Not much has germinated yet – although this blog is entitled the Patient Gardener it is not my normal state of mind more something I aspire to!!

Favourite plant at the moment is a gorgeous Camillia – I have no idea what variety.  I rescued it from a nursery that was closing down a few year ago and it is really looking good now.


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