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I was disappointed with last nights Gardeners World.  I like Joe Swift’s style of presentation but I thought he had an impossible task explaining about garden design in 30 minutes.  I think it would have been better if he had shown how each of the 6 elements had been achieved in everyday gardens. 

I was surprised though at my reaction to the last minimilist garden. I am  a plantaholic and love growing plants from seeds so a minimalist garden would not be for me but I thought the last garden was beautiful and I can imagine that it is very serene.  I loved the massed Box balls.  This has got me thinking.  Particularly as I also like one of the S African gardens in Monty’s AWin 80 gardens where the owners had used strong topiary and hedging.  I dont think I will ever be able to achieve anything like these gardens in my own but its nice to be made to think and consider other styles

2 Comments on “GW on design

  1. I love the ‘magazine’ style of GW and I was getting all cosy and ready for Monty and Alys and so was also disappointed at the 30 min format with Joe – who is fine in himself – just, as you say, too much of him. Carol Kline was on a couple of weeks ago for 30 mins talking about propagation and enjoyed that more. GW has an odd effect on me – like an endorphin rush combined with a mug of horlicks! Still miss Geoff though. Hope you got out in your garden today! Nat

  2. Nat – thanks for the comment. I totally agree with you. Maybe BBC were looking to see what sort of response they would get to a design special. I think they should stick to the practical side of things.

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