Going Tropical!

Love this view of a Fatsia – looks very tropical and exotic.

Everything is coming out in the garden and there is a wonderful sense of anticipation.  My Azalea has started to come out in flower – I’m sure it is early.  It has ridiculously large white flowers which are totally out of proportion to the size of the plant, so much so that when it is completely in flower it looks like someone has stuck paper flowers all over the plant.



9 Comments on “Going Tropical!

  1. Yippee! It worked. Hurray for computer savvy sons (I have one too). As I told you on Blotanical, I love your photos. Exploring photography is so much nicer with digital cameras, isn’t it?

  2. Hi Patient Gardener… I like that name because I always need to remind myself the very essence of a gardener is having patience. I’m in love with your tropical plant AND the photo. Anything with berries or pods (is that what those are?) gives me a thrill… and of course anything tropical is good for a double thrill. Very nice. Thanks for visiting Hoe & Shovel… I’m glad you did so I could find yours.

  3. Hi Jodi
    Glad it worked – thanks for the compliment

  4. Hi Meems
    Since I called my site the Patient Gardener I have realised how impatient I am! The plant is a Fatsia and is actually my neighbours but it grows over the fence into my garden. I think it is quite a mature plant – the round things are berries.

  5. That’s a great close-up of the Fatsia. Isn’t it nice when you can share the neighbour’s plants…(well, at least it is when they’re fascinating like that one)? I’ll look forward to seeing that Azalea covered in beautiful blooms.

  6. I too am impressed by the Fatsia picture.

    The downside – it looks very much like a plant we bought as a castor oil plant.

    (It has similar leaves but the berries are black.)

    I think the ignorance I enjoyed before I joined Blotanical may well have been preferable – because I didn’t know quite how deep it went.

    Esther Montgomery


  7. This time of year I always envy those (i.e. most of the World’s population) who have a better zone than I do. Great shot of the Fatsia! And Azaleas already? Gives one something to look forward to.

  8. Esther – I think Fatsias and Caster Oil plants are related, they certainly looks very similar.

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