My Garden in April – Belated GBBD

Not quite on the same scale as the garden I visited yesterday but here is a view of part of my garden.  As I missed Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – not being aware of it until too late I thought I would post some pics of things in flower as a Belated GBBD

Whilst this isnt in flower yet, I love the leaves on this Salvia turkestanica  – they have a lovely texture.

I am developing a passion for Primulas.  This is a very pretty one I found in a nursery last year.  Its called Primula Dark Rosaleen.  The foilage gets darker once the flowers have finished.

Another favourite, a form of Euphorbia although I’m not sure which one.  It grows quite tall and I am regretting not cutting it back last year as its very leggy and flopping over the other plants.

Another purchase from the same nursery as the Primula above, a Mathiasella Green Dream.  This plant has wonderful architectural foilage but the flowers are a plus.



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  1. Nice to see pictures of your garden. I like the Primula and the Mathiasella – (Green flowers – I love them)

  2. patientgardener says:

    HI Karen – Thanks

  3. Two good post from you I’ve just read. Sorry you didn’t get out in the garden today but I loved the hosta. I spent the whole day at my favorite garden center. I took lots of photos and that calmed me too. There was order in the chois. Your yard looks beautiful and will awaken soon and then you’ll be struggling like we are to keep up with blogging. You might be a primula fan but I’m a euphorbia fan. I love Mauve Bowles Wallflower too.

  4. Laura M says:

    Your garden looks lovely! I don’t have much showing foliage yet not to mention flowers! The only perennial flowering (besides Daffodil) is Bergenia. I’m not expecting much to happen within the next week or so, the weather forecast for Monday & Tuesday is rain/SNOW showers!

  5. patientgardener says:

    Thanks for your comments – Helen

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