Malvern Spring show

Today we went to Malvern RHS spring show, which is a 5 minute drive from our house.  I suppose we could have walked but then we would have had to carry everything back!  We arrived ready for the show to open and as per our plan in the past we went straight to the floral marquee.  There were arround 100 nurseries exhibiting.  All of them had a display plus a sale table.  The displays were very varied ranging from the topiary one above, through arrangements of lilies etc to woodland gardens.  I’m not a big fan of topiary but I do have two box cones outside my front door.  I particularly liked the contrast of the green and red which was very striking though I dont think red pots would work in my garden.

This display is by a lavender company based on the Isle of Wight.  I bought some lavender from them last year to finish by assorted lavender hedge in the front garden and it has done very well.  I really like their selection of French Lavender.  Their displays are always very pastoral and smell devine.

This is one of the many woodland displays which just goes to show how much you can grow in the shade and how colourful it can be.  Not a hosta to be seen in this one.  There were lots of Trilliums and Arums.  I was tempted but they were quite expensive and I’m not convinced my soil is good enough yet. I believe that Trilliums like lots of leaf mulch.  In the bottom right had corner you can just see a Primula with green flowers.  I bought one of these – I seem to be developing a passion for Primulas.  Unfortunately when I got hope I discovered that it didnt have a label, all I can remember is it started with F!  I thought it was really unusual but then we kept seeing it, so presumably it is one of the in flowers this year so at least I’m being trendy for a change. 

This is part of a display by a nursery not far from where I live.  It was a real confection of colours just like a bag of sweets.  It deservedly won a gold medal.  My son was the photographer on the day.  Whilst his photos are nice they arent always what I, as a gardener, would photograph but they do get a wonderful flavour.  He took these when we first arrived as we were ahead of the mob by lunchtime the marquee would be heaving.  They reackon that over the 4 days £10m changes hands at the event! 

As well as the floral marquee there are acres of other stands selling everything and anything you could think of vaguely connected with horticulture and an increasing number of show gardens which I will show you in a post later this week.  I always take cash with me and when its gone its gone otherwise we would be in the poor house (if they still existed).  I was quite well behaved this year and only bought 6 plants, 2 hanging baskets and some sausage rolls for tea!

Whilst I enjoyed the show I didnt get the same buzz as I have had in the past.  It was incredibly hot which stops your enjoyment to a degree.  Last year we went in jumpers, waterproofs and wellies!!!  I think there will be a few burnt people around now.  Whilst there were alot of stalls both I and the boys felt there was something missing but we couldnt work out what.  This year there were 3 Bonsi stands, last year I only remember 1 and the same with carnivourous plants but the marquee didnt seem as full as in the past.  I think I may give it a miss next year and then go the following year.  Anyway, I am getting to the point where I am running out of room for more plants so maybe I need to move house first!!!!!!




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  1. The Lavender display is my favorite and just what I needed today to get me out of a sour mood. I really would like to learn the best growing conditions for it. Someone told me that Spanish Lavender was the prettiest and longest bloomer. I’m attracted to the scent and soft colors. I think I’ll work a bed for it this summer. Maybe a rock garden?? I enjoyed your photo tour and story about your day. You were good about not spending too much. I must say that we see our garden shows cutting corners and doing badly. The one you went to puts ours to shame. I wish I could have been there.

  2. Green with envy – know what you mean though about going to these things every other year – but then on the years you dont go – you wish you had

  3. Helen says:

    Deep envy.. managed to go a few years ago and bought a stainless steel obilisk water feature which has yet to be connected – but I so want to find time to go again love the setting there under the hills – you are so lucky. I have box balls (nearly) taken 6 years from tiny B&Q plants.

  4. patientgardener says:

    Hi flowergardengirl – I loved the Lavender stand as well, it is a family run business and the guys are really helpful. Lavender is a Meditteraean plant so needs fairly dry conditions and good draining. I have mine growing in the front garden which gets quite hot in the summer. However the soil is clay so not good drainage and I lost one this winter with all the rain.

    Hi Karen – I had decided not to go this year but then I saw it on Gardeners World and thought ‘I need to go’ !

    Hi Helen You are right it is a wonderful setting and the people are so friendly as well

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