My garden on a wet and windy May bank holiday

Surprise surprise it is raining on an English bank holiday!  Before the rain really set in I took some pics of my back garden so here is a tour.

This is the patio as you come out of the kitchen.  As you can see there are lots of seedlings waiting to be planted out but its just too wet! My garden slopes up from the house, you can just see a brick wall in the top right hand corner and this runs the length of the patio and is holding the garden up.  So the view from the patio of my garden is like this at the moment….

The purple and pink spikes are, I think, Verbascums.  I acquired some seeds through my gardening club but they were labelled a mixture so I wasnt sure what was going to come up. At first I was disappointed at their height but the colours are lovely.  I’m not sure if they are Bi-annual or not so I will try and remember to collect some seed just in case.  From the patio you go up some steps and this gives you a different view of the same area

I have a central lawn area – well grass, daises, clover etc – lawn is rather a grand term for it.  The ‘lawn’ is in a sort of 8 shape – I was attempting to get some interest but I’m not sure if I like it now.  I put the borders in 2 years ago so this is still all very early days. 

This is what I call my pond border – the pond is behind it.  I love the Ligularia though it seems to be getting very large.  I’m not sure if you can divide them and when I should do this.  The large leaves plants to the right of the picture are Inula hookeri.  Again these were grown from seeds from the club.  I knew they grew tall but I hadnt realised the leaves were so big – they are over a foot long and are swamping my new scared bamboo so at least one of them will have to move.  You can just see the Grecian Urn that I put in the border as a focal point.  Not too much of a focal point at the moment but it does improve the border in the winter.

This is the view from the other end of the border across the pond.  It is a wildlife pond, so no fish but we have frogs.  Recently, if you sit by the pond quietly you can hear them ribbiting (not sure how you spell the noise they make!).  The plant in the pot is another Ligularia which I have yet to find room for and it was looking sad as it wasnt wet enough so I have put it on the slope into the pond.

From the end of the pond you go round into the ‘woodland area’.  I have posted about this before so I wont repear myself.  I have struggled with the area in front of the fence since the ground is full of tree roots from my neighbours trees.  There are a number of small shrubs in there which seem to be doing OK now so we will have to wait and see.  I do wonder though if I will have to winded the border at some time.  I dont like thin borders and this is thin!!

You then look back across the garden towards the area that appeared in the secnd photo.  The slope in the picture isnt me holding the camera funny this is the slope of my garden!!  I am particularly pleased with the border at the top of the picture it is really lush and pretty at the moment, lots of purples.  Soon these will be replaced with yellows and blues.  I am still working on the area in the foreground.  The soil is particularly heavy here – lots of clay but I’m working on it.  The theme for this area is white, pink and a bit of red to liven it up.

So thats my back garden.  I have to say that the photos arent too bad considering the weather conditions and looking at them I am a little happier with the overall effect in the garden although there is still masses to do – isnt there always.  This is our 5th summer here.  The garden was empty except for a huge conifer when we moved in and a few shrubs so I more or less had a blank canvas.  I didnt really get going on it until 3 years ago as I was finishing my degree, working full time and raising two kids on my own.  Now I have completed the degree I have more time and the kids being older and more independent helps as well.

Still raining – I might go in my titchy greenhouse and pot up some more seedlings.




6 Comments on “My garden on a wet and windy May bank holiday

  1. Quite a slope you’ve got there but it does add an extra dimension to the garden – you must have to hang on to the lawnmower 🙂

  2. Hi easygardener – I dont hang on to the lawnmower one of my sons does!!!!

    Hi Nancy – thanks for the compliment

  3. I think our patios must be related – twins perhaps?

    I also garden on a slope. It was a bit dauting at first, but having changes in level is so much more exciting don’t you think?

  4. You have done a smashing job with your garden, it is beautiful. Considering everything else going on in your life, I think that is quite a feat. Your photos are great. I don’t think you need a ‘fancy’ camera if you do this well with the point and click. I started at the top and read all the way down here. Enjoyed it, too.

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