I took this photo as I was so relieved I hadnt killed my Sedum.  About 3 weeks ago I decided to give Tracy DiSabato-Aust advice in The Well-Tenderd Perennial Garden to give your perennials a haircut so that they dont become leggy and flop eveywhere.  “Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ for example, cut be cut in half  when 8 inchs tall or it can be pinched.” “Pruning also helps prevent flopping on plants growing in partial shade or very rich soils”.  This particular sedum is growing in partial shade and on very rich soil and flops everywhere.  So in a moment of madness while tidying up I chopped it down by half – well most of it.  I used some secateurs and as I chopped away I started to panic that I was being too drastic so I bailed out at the last moment and left a few stems.  I wished now that I had taken a photo when I had finished but it looked so awful that I couldnt look at it.  Anyway, I am pleased to say that it was the right thing to do after all.  As you can see from the photo above the plant is looking very lush with lots of growth.  The leaves in the lower right hand corner are originals and escaped the chop, whilst the rest are new growth.  This has given me the courage to re-read Tracy’s book and to see what other plants might benefit from this treatment.