Feeling the heat!

Well we have been really struggling here in Worcestershire with the heat.  On average around 28 degrees but with the humidity it has felt like it was well in the 30s.  I know garden bloggers in Austin, Texas are dealing with much higher temperatures but we just aren’t set up for it here in the UK.  Air conditioning is not the norm though more and more have it in their cars – although then the rapidly increasing cost of fuel has to be taken into account. 

Not only is the temperature hotting up but also the flower colours – gone are the pastels and soft shades of early summer epitomised by Delphiniums, Lupins, Geraniums now we have moved on to the late summer hot colours and it still isn’t August!  My Ligularia (above) is looking gorgeous, I love the contrast of the fiery orange flowers against the sumptuous chocolaty foliage.

The Monarda (or Bergamot) is contributing fiery splashes around the garden and is certainly very popular with the Bees.  The leaves are meant to smell of Earl Grey tea but I dont think anyone has told my plants.

I also spotted the first flower on my Crocosmia Lucifer – this is still a very young plant but the colours are so electric then I think when it has clumped up in a few years it will have a real impact on the garden.

Oh now to find something cool to drink.

7 Comments on “Feeling the heat!

  1. I am feeling the heat and humidity down here in Dorset, it seems wrong to complain when our temperatures are so mild compared with many readers but I don’t like the heat!

    Hope it cools down soon for you, we are promised rain this evening. Best wishes Sylvia

  2. Wouldnt that be something – hummingbirds on the Crocosmia! I should love to see that. Those are some firey colour, and I love them, they have real ZING! Its warm here too, around 32 degrees according to my car, and we had a thunderstorm earlier. Now its just steamy, misty and incredibly uncomfortable.

  3. Hi perennialgardenlover – fancy hummingbirds on crocosmia. I’m struggling just to get butterflies in the garden!

    Hi Donna, Sylvia and Zoe – it is still hot here although we have had a downpour and there is thunder rumbling in the distance.

    Hi HappyMouffetard – sorry to hear about your ligularia, please feel free to gaze on mine!

  4. Hi,
    Yes, if it hot in San Francisco we are not prepared at all. I enjoyed Your site.

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