Belated GBBD

Well I have missed the date for this month’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – sorry Carol.  The weather has been so miserable that every time I wanted to take photos it was either raining or blowing a gale.  Anyway this morning I decided to get photos of what I could, some of them wont appear here as it was so windy they wereout of focus but here are some of my favourites at the moment.   The Crocosmia and the Toad Lily (a recent purchase) are among my favourites this week.

This is Sunflower Mezzulah F1 – I have grown it as part of a seed trial for the BBC Gardeners World magazine.  It is a dwarf sunflower and this plant, the largest of the 4 is about 4ft tall.  The flower head is much smaller than the usual giant sunflowers but I think I prefer it on this scale.

This is my favourite annual – Rudbeckia.  This year I am growing Rudbeckia Cappuccino.  I love these annual Rudbeckias, the colours vary across the plants and the petal have such a velvety quality.  They are great as cut flowers and seem to keep producing flowers right up until the frosts.  I think they are very underrated.

Slightly out of focus I know but I love the steely blue of these Eryginiums

My Ligularia is looking fab at the moment.  It is a huge plant now and I am wondering whether I should divide it and for that matter how I divide it!  Also wondering if division is the only form of propagation or whether I might try and collect some seeds from the gorgeous flowers.


On the left is Knophia Toffee Nose – I bought it recently because of the name!  Also because it is much more delicate looking than some of the Knophias.  It is destined for the bank border that I am currently working on – well when its not raining that is!  On the right are some Ostrich Plume Asters which I have grown from seed the last couple of years.  I think they are very pretty and they last quite a long time as cut flowers.

Of now to beg forgiveness from May Dreams about being nearly a week late with my August GBBD entry!

4 Comments on “Belated GBBD

  1. Gorgeous GBBD blooms PG. Better late than never is what I say. I love that Knophia Toffee Nose and your toad lillies look great combined with the Croscosmia.

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