Something lurking in the woods!

I mentioned the sculptures at Tatton Park in an earlier post and to be honest I wasnt that impressed but there was one ‘sculpture’ that my eldest son and I loved.  This woodmans hut for want of a better name was stunning. 

It has such an organic shape to start with and the construction is amazing! Its made out of wooden palings and assembled over a complex wooden structure.  But strangely you will see that light is provided via a plastic dome on the top!

Once you go inside you realise just how large it is, you could probably sit 15 easily.  There is also a wood burning stove and a rocking chair.  I suspect it is intended as a sort of hide as there are triangluar windows all round which give views out across the lake.

The light streaming in through the windows even on an overcast day was amazing and give the building a special atmosphere.

We loved the way it sat in the landscape, it really didnt jar as so many sculptures do and I can imagine with a little aging it will seem like it has been there for years.  My son said it reminded him of old Mother Hubbard’s house!  Being an apprentice joiner and seriously into wooden things he took the majority of these photos and I think has dreams of creating a similar building in the future.

19 Comments on “Something lurking in the woods!

  1. Stunning, I love the way it appears to be “part” of the landscape.
    And the play of light on the inside
    So glad you posted about this – as I have never seen it before.

  2. I’m glad you all enjoyed seeing this building as well. Yes it is very hobbit like – I think that was what was lurking at the backof my mind but I couldnt quite put my finger on it. I can also see how it makes Chey think of james and the Gaint Peach.

  3. What a neat little architectural gem. It is so well thought out, right down to the shape of the tables echoing the shape of the windows which themselves echo the shape of the roof/ceiling panels. The inside is like a wooden geodesic dome, but the outside is like a natural shape. Absolutely wonderful.

  4. I only noticed the plastic dome when you mentioned it. It is unexpected with the organic quality of the structure.

  5. I absolutely love this very curvacious wooden hut. Yes ! the amount of light that filters through from the windows etc .. is amazing and it blends in with the woods wonderfully. I would have loved this as a kid .. probably I would never have gone home from playing in it .. LOL

  6. wow this is absolutely amazing! i would love to see it in person but you did a great job conveing what it looks like.

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