New Additions to the Garden

New additions to the garden this week include this Bidens heterophylla, bought at the Malvern Autumn show last week.  At the moment it is about 4ft high but I understand it can grow to 6ft.  Its a lovely graceful plant and the flowers are a yummy pale buttery yellow.

Another new acquisition which finally got planted out this weekend is Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Atrosanguinea’.  I bought this from Hampton Court in Herefordshire back in August but it has been languishing on my patio every since. I finally found a spot for it having dug out some thuggish Inula which were swamping a border.  I really like the deep crimson flowers and I think they stand out well against the burgandy Ligularia leaves in the background.

7 Comments on “New Additions to the Garden

  1. Both look great! The Persicaria flower colour is picked by the ¿Ligularia? leaves, they compliment each other beautifully.

  2. I wondered where the Bidens was going to go! I’ve chuckled again at the memory of it tickling various people as you walked with it through Malvern 🙂

    That Persicaria’s a good choice too. I received some Persicaria orientilis seed from Great Dixter today. A plant much admired at the Inner Temple show which I hope will grace the back of one of my borders next year…

  3. I like both your new addiitions especially the bidens. I was at the Malvern Show and am now asking myself why I did not see it there – I would have found it hard to resist 🙂

  4. I wish Bidens was hardy to our zone as a perennial .. they are such sweet little flowers .. looks like you have some very nice additions to your garden !

  5. I’ve never considered Persicaria until I saw some beautiful ones at the arboretum two weeks ago. Now I have to find a space, because I’m definitely seeing the attraction now. That’s a great color with the Ligularia. I wonder if it could be grown w/ one of the peachy new Heucheras?

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