The Malverns on an Autumn day

I’m lucky to live in Malvern in Worcestershire and to be surrounded by this magnificant scenery.  This is the view from my local supermarket car park.  Having seen so many posts on blogs about Autumn colour and especially those of my American friends I have found myself looking with new eyes at the trees around me.  As you can see from the photo above, apart from the trees which are planted in the car park (I think they might be Liquid Ambers but could very well be wrong) there is no strong autumn colour in this area.

Whilst I now there are a lot of Chestnut trees on the edge of the common near me I havent really engaged with what the other trees are that are naturally prevelant in this area.  So today, as I had a days leave, I went for a walk up the hills to have a look see.

The most autumnal looking trees here at the moment are the Beech trees.  These are one of my favourites.  When I was a child we have three big beech trees at the end of our garden and in the autumn we would have great fun raking up huge piles of leaves and jumping in them.  Whenever I see beech leaves in the autumn they remind me of those times.


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12 Comments on “The Malverns on an Autumn day

  1. Just beautiful. Those apartment building remind me of when I lived in Germany. I miss Europe a bunch. Thanks for sharing your lovely area with us.

  2. Our native trees tend towards greens, yellows and browns. All those lovely reds and oranges seem to require Maples, Acers and Liquidambars. I suppose that’s why arboretums are always so spectacular!

  3. I like your new header picture.
    I love beech trees – we used to live near a beech wood when I was down south – they are spectacular at this time of year.
    Wonderful Autumnal pictures

  4. Tina – unfortunately the buildings have scaffolding up them. They are actually the old Victorian town houses with shops on the ground floor. Malvern is very old fashioned although we now have a coffee shop so the 21st century can be too far away!

    Easygardener – yes I’m afraid that here in my part of the UK I have to rely on arboretum for the colour.

    K – I knew you would be the first to notice the new header!!! I’m glad you like the photos, I enjoyed myself this morning its been a while since I have been on the hills which is a disgrace since it is less than a 10 min drive for me.

    JAS – you should come to the Malvern at this time of year, I think it is prettier than in spring and when the hills have snow on top of them as they did earlier in the week they truly are gorgeous.

  5. You have some pretty fall foliage in your area PG. I love the Beech trees.

  6. Hi from pencil and leaf, Thankyou so much for your comment I assure you my natural style is a bit wilder than this botanical stuff too!! But here you have photos of lovley Malven. How I miss the British countryside! Worcestershire is so beautiful.There are many beautiful things here in Orlando but the green is sometimes relentless and I long for even a small hill..

  7. Beeches are one of my best loved trees, with personal associations, too.

    I think we’ve parked in that car park! Drive up that way fairly often. And yes, it’s such a beautiful area.

    Talking of arboretums (easygardener), between Malvern and me (in Wiltshire) there is Westonbirt which is a treat this time of year.

  8. Hi Helen,

    Nope – at the moment they are both sitting on the terrace by the french windows, which is why I was so glad they had survived. I was in Hospital for 10 days with a bug, and during that time we had both snow and frosts at home! I leave the trees out all summer, and then usually put them in a cold room by a window in winter. They are getting to be quite large trees now, about 4 foot high, so they take some lugging! I have covered them with fleece for now, and brought them in against the house walls, so hopefully at the weekend we can bring them in. I like to make a Lemon Meringue Pie with the lemons, usually a couple or so are ripe by Xmas.


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