Earnslaw Quarry

Up amongst the Malvern Hills there are a number of quarrys where Malvern stone used to be sourced. Malvern stone is very distinctive and is basically granite.  When they build walls or houses of it they apply the mortar between the stones in a way that is peculiar to the area and this is due, for reasons that escape me, to the heaviness of the stone.  I must try and take some photos of Malvern stone houses to show what I mean. Malvern stone is no longer quarried for environmental reasons so if you want a Malvern stone wall or house you need to find a supply of second hand stone.

Anyway now that the quarries stand silent nature has taken over and Earnslaw Quarry in particular is very beautiful


I say the quarry stands silent but in order to enjoy this you do have to get up fairly early before the walkers and visitors arrive!!!

5 Comments on “Earnslaw Quarry

  1. How easy is it to find a supply of second hand stone? It sounds like it might be quite difficult. Lovely photos and yes, it would be good to see some Malvern stone houses too. But then I’m interested in geology anyway.

  2. Lovely photos which bring back great memories. I fell into the water whilst surveying the quarry for an A level biology project.

    I’ve never been very keen on the Malvern granite – it just seems so imposing and depressing in colour. If anyone wants to build a tiny house, I can source about half a ton of stone from my father’s rockery…

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