Getting ready for Christmas


We have been getting very festive this weekend in readiness for Christmas.  As my youngest and I were finishing school and work on the 19th, we decided to wait until then to start putting up the decorations.  However, the odd bit of festive cheer, such as the Poinsettia above, had started to creep in. I know some people hate Poinsettias but I quite like them – well for a couple of weeks.  I only like the smaller squat ones not when they have become leggy and topple over.


The first thing on our list was the Christmas tree.  Now I know that there are split opinions over real or false but we have a false tree and that’s that.  While we were putting it up my son, who loves a good debate, and I were trying to decide which was more environmental a real tree or a false one.  He argued that real trees weren’t environmental as we were chopping them down thereby reducing their impact on the ozone, transporting them to where ever, and then we had to dispose of them.  I argued that false trees were just as bad when you took into account the production process and transportation of them.  We concluded that there was no real winner and we our false tree suited us for now. Along with the trees we put up lights and tinsel and it all looked very festive.

Today, however I decided to indulge myself and do something I had wanted to do for several years.  I went and bought three gorgeous stems of Amaryllis.  I haven’t done this before due to the expense and normally by now funds are in a poor state.  This year isn’t too bad and so I decided as a Christmas pressie to myself I would succumb. 


The photo does not convey the true sumptuousness of the blooms.  They have a gorgeous velvety appearance and seem so opulent to me.  Much nicer than the garish red ones I have grown from bulbs in the past. 


Another of my make shift decorations – some baubles we weren’t using and some pine cones and bundles of cinnamon sticks that I saved for an arrangement I was given last year – I have convinced myself that this thriftiness offsets the expense of the Amaryllis!!!!


Finally some Allium seed heads which don’t look as gold as I would like and to be honest I don’t really have room for them but having sprayed them I had to find them a home! 

My son now says that we cant get any more in so I will move on tomorrow to decorating the cake instead!!!!!

14 Comments on “Getting ready for Christmas

  1. Lovely Helen. I like your Christmas ‘bowl’ arrangement. I’ve been having the same debate about real vs. artificial, especially when I can make an artificial one last 25 years. Sadly that research/ post will have to wait until next year now.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Looking good. I find nothing makeshift about ornaments in a bowl. In fact, I planning on doing that for the dining table centerpiece. We have a fake tree because I’m allergic to mold, so the whole issue is moot for me.

  3. Everything looks very pretty PG. We’ve had the same debate in our house. (we have an artifical tree too, had it for years) It seems to be more cost effective in the long run but I guess it is a toss up about the environmental impact. Merry Christmas!

  4. Everything looks so pretty Helen ! .. We have an artificial tree .. it is just much easier for us and I hate seeing all those cut trees that don’t find a home for Christmas .. so we lugged one home and put it on the front step with lights .. if I can make one real tree happy .. I have done my job ? LOL

  5. Everything looks very festive and pretty. So lovely to get yourself some Amaryllis stems. I guess it depends where you live when you consider the carbon footprint of a Christmas tree – ours came from New Brunswick – a 10 hour drive to Ontario in a flatbed truck. It’s a big industry in that province. Our artificial trees are from China – so for us the choice is clear. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  6. Your decorations look gorgeous and I love the bauble bowl. My kids and I had exactly the same debate about the tree, and we’re sticking with the fake one.

  7. Hi All – thanks for your replies. Its interesting how many of you have decided to stick with fake trees. Less than 10 mins from us there is a huge Xmas tree farm and I get really sad just after Xmas seeing all the uncut and unbought trees – such a waste

  8. I have some allium heads just like yours-having not sprayed them can I toss em? lol They look great with the red berries. Merry Christmas to you all. Love your tree garland.

  9. All your seasonal decorations look beautiful Helen and I am glad that you were able to treat yourself to the amaryllis stems. We have the same real versus false debate here – himself insists on false. I have managed in the past to persuade him to give real a go and once managed to keep a dinky little tree alive for three seasons.

  10. Your decorations look lovely.
    For the first time I have bought an artificial tree – mainly because I’ve only got space for a fairly narrow one and I got tired of hacking off branches to make a real tree fit in!

  11. It’s interesting to see the debate on real vs. fake trees. I would think it depends on where you live. Where I am, there are lots of cedars and pines that need thinning, both because of fire danger and because they don’t grow well mashed together. Does the oxygen created by Christmas tree farms outweigh all the gas that’s expelled to haul the trees away? I have no idea. But I do know that amaryllis is soul-nourishingly beautiful, and, while I feel rather guilty about it, I feel the same about real Christmast trees.

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