What a seed haul!

Angelica gigas

Some people may have picked up on the fact that I have abit of an addiction – to growing things from seed.  This really only became a true addiction 2 years ago when I got my first greenhouse and it has been down hill ever since.

This week I have received two lovely packages through the post with my seed orders from the Cottage Garden Society and the Hardy Plant Society.  Both societies run schemes for their members to donate seed from their gardens which are then available for other members to buy at a nominal amount.  I have done this a couple of years now with the CGS but have only just joined the HPS (mainly so I could benefit from the scheme!).  Last year I was tardy in getting my order in to the CGS so didnt get many of my first choices and the result was some plants I would probably not have ordered but one or two pleasant surprises such as my Silk Trees which I wrote about a while back.  So this year I was hot of the mark and got my orders in as quickly as possible

Lobelia tupa

The problem is that as a fairly inexperienced plants person I dont know what most of the plants listed are or look like so I have to resort to going through seed catalogues and looking on the net.  By the nature of the beast the seeds donated sometimes come from the more unusual plants so dont feature in the everyday seed catalogues which is good but it is also hard to find out about them.

So there was much excitement when my two packages arrived – in both cases I received nearly all my first choices.  As I received the RHS A-Z of Plants for Christmas I have been painstakingly look at my haul and making a not of growing conditions etc.  Surprisingly there were still a few that didnt appear in this tome so I will have to do some trawling of the internet.  So what did I get? Well – from the CGS I received 23 packets of seed for £4.00 (15 packets plus 8 further packets for donating seed of more than 5 varieties).  This is what I have: Alliara petidata (Garlic Mustard), Anaphalis margaritacea, Anemone rivularis, Anthericum lilago (St Bernards Lily), Asphodeline lutea, Belamcanda chinensis, Brachyscombe iberidifolia (Swan River Daisy), Catanache caerulea, Cephalaria gigantea, Chimonanthus praecox, Cortusa, Digitialis viridiflora, Eupatorium purpureum, Helenium ‘Moerheim Beauty’, Morina longifloia, Ornithogalum pyramidale, Podophyllum, Rudbeckia laciniata, Salvia nemorose, Scutellaria altissima, Susyrinchium striatum, Thalictum aquilegifolium, Verbascum blattaria, Viburnum opulus.

Anthericum liliago (St Bernards Lily)

From the Hardy Plant Society I received 20 packets for £5.00: Cedronella canariensis, Calamintha nepeta, Bouteloua gracillis (Mosquito Grass), Arthropodium candidum, Agastache mexicana, Anthriscus sylvestrius, Angelica gigas, Celmisia semicordata, Verebena hasta, Thalictrum flavum, Salvia glutinosa, Primula pulverulenta, Lobelia tupa, Polemonium caeruleum, Doronicum pardalianches, Dictamnus albus, Cephalaria gigantea, Nonea lutea, Sporobolus heterolepsis, Melanoselinum decipiens.

Catanache caerulea

So thats 43 packets of seed – if only one of each grew I would be struggling to find homes for them- oops!  I have told myself sternly that I’m not allowed to buy anymore packets of seed of ornamentals this spring, after all I still have some packets left over from last year!!!!  However, I have started to look at the edibles yet !!!!!

There is at least one duplication the Gaint Scabious. Naturally there is a Rudbeckia and as ever there is a Digitalis and Primula.  I dont think I have shared my growing passion for Primulas and Digitalis yet on this blog but if you thought I was mad about Rudbeckias……!!!!

Boringly this week last year I was also writing about my seeds arriving – maybe therapy is the way forward.

NB: the photos on this post arent mine but have been taken from Google Images hopefully I will be able to post some similar in the next year or so.

12 Comments on “What a seed haul!

  1. What a fabulous selection – I am really looking forward to seeing which do well for you in this coming year, and I am very envious. Dont forget there will be a packet of seeds winging its way to you from me soon as well! 🙂

  2. What wonderful madness – each year I try to cut back and somehow manage to order at least 75 different things. I’ve grown about half of the items you’ve ordered – catanache caerulea is one of my favourites – a very good sky blue. The podophyllum – if it’s the same one I have grows into quite a woodland community. Plant & stand back. Looking forward to hearing of your progress. Remember, you can never have too many seeds.

  3. Helen, what a great way to get access to unusual kinds seeds! I’ve only heard of some of the plants and I haven’t grown any of them. (The Agastache mexicana is on my list of things to try someday, since it’s well adapted to my almost-desert conditions.) Good luck growing them on–and be sure to post baby pictures!

  4. Heavens – Imagine if every seed germinated, you’d need another greenhouse! Good luck with them. It’s an interesting collection.

  5. You have some gems there Helen. I look forward to hearing how you get on with them all. I could kick myself as I planned to do my CGS order after Christmas and was then ill. Forgot all about it until it was too late 😦 Hope that you are feeling better now.

  6. Anna – the CGS offer some left overs in February normally so you could go for the mystery option!

    Happymouffetard – already sowing those that need cold to help them germinate

    easygardener – another greenhouse I wish!

    lostlandscape – I havent heard of most of them either!! I think its good for me as I learn about new plants evewn if they dont grow

  7. Helen, good job you have a greenhouse! I looked at the RHS seed list and got so confused that I didn’t get any but as I don’t have a lot of room that is just as well. I did order some seeds yesterday, I could easily be a seed addict. My problem is hardening them off and finding room in the garden! My dream is a nursery bed, where I can grow seed and cuttings just for the pleasure of it.

    Good luck Sylvia

  8. I don’t if I’ll ever get into seeds as much as you, maybe if my plants produced them, like my angelica gigas. I can’t get that hting to last, let alone set seed in its second and final year. Now I’m getting despondent….

  9. Sylvia – I’m not a member of the RHS so dont get their seed list which is probably a good thing. I would like a nursery bed as well – maybe one day

    Benjamin – I thought Angelica gigas was quite a profilic self seeder – I will have a look see in my plant book and see if there is any advice

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