Finally a decision on the veg

I have been umming and aarhing about what vegies to try and grow this year.  This is the first year when I will have a veggies bed – albeit a small one.  So every little bit of space has to work very hard.  I have decided not to grow potatoes and carrots as they take up room, ands the carrots are prone to problem, and they are very cheap in the shops.  Instead I am planning to grow some veggies that I really like, which are very seasonal and in some cases are expensive in the shops.  So my list is:-

Broad Bean Stereo

Fennel Rudy F1

Sprouting Broccoli Rudolph

Pea Sugar Snap

Rocket Fairwa

Lees St Vicar

Sweetcorn Sweet Nugget

Courgette Defender

A while ago I posted about trying to decide on three varieties of tomato that I hadnt grown before and I asked for recommendations.  Thank you all for your comments, particularly Tyra whose photos of her tomato from last year really motivated me.  My final three are:

Czech’s Excellent Yellow (one of Tyra’s suggestions)

Tigerella (a recommendation of Victoria and I really like the stripes)

San Marzano (a plum tomato which I understand chefs really rate)

I also already have seeds for Gartenperle – a cherry bush variety which I plan to grow outside.  I will post updates on my tomato trials as the year progresses

10 Comments on “Finally a decision on the veg

  1. It all sounds delicious. The sugar snap and rocket are quick crops, so you’ll have room for something else when they’re done.

  2. maybe someday I will have a vegetable bed, so I am going to learn from you and other vegie newbies. Your choices sound great…fennel is a particular favorite and so are sugar snap peas.

  3. Barbara – you have sussed out my cunning plan. I have worked out a way of maximising the space but it all depends on us having a good summer!

    Gail – yes I love fennel and it is so expensive so I thought I would give it a go

  4. Sounds like a great combination of veg – it is always lovely to grow things that are expensive or unavailable in the shops great choices.

    I grew gartenperle last year – they were extremely prolific … eventually

    Fingers crossed for a lovely summer.

  5. Yum! Fennel’s been one of my veggie stars since I’ve had the allotment.

    Gartenperle’s been a diappointment for me, so it’ll be interesting to see what you think of it.

  6. Hi, it is always a problem all that veg and so little space.|You have a good selection picked out.We have grown carrots in barrels for the last two years and got a great return from them.Yo would be surprised how much actually fits in them.You often see these blue barrels abandoned around the place.

  7. Broad beans were such good value for me last year, and they really were much more tender and more delicious than the shop-bought ones – I hope they perform well for you, too. They have very pretty flowers, but they do need a bit of protection on windy days.

  8. I share some of your thought processes when deciding what to grow. “Is it inexpensive and good and plentiful in the markets?” I’ll ask myself, and if the answer is yes, I’ll probably decide to grow something else. Most of what’s on your list would be hard to come by here, so growing it myself would be the best solution. It sounds like you have a delicious summer ahead of you!

  9. Look forward to hearing and seeing more of your veggie plot as the year goes on. Nothing beats the taste of homegrown veg 🙂

  10. I’m crossing my fingers that we all avoid tomato blight. A hot summer would be handy too. I agree with you about carrots but as usual I’ve picked up a free packet of seed so I suppose I won’t be able to resist sowing them. They will be a disaster as usual!

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