Signs that spring will be here soon

Now that the snow has mostly melted I have been out in the garden to see how my plants have faired.  Sadly it looks like my Geramium Madrense wont survive.  I have had it two years and it was fine last winter but it has been much colder this year for longer and I tihink it might just give up – only time will tell.

Still there were lots of signs that spring would be with us soon.


Winter Aconite


Snowdrops, Bluebells and Daffodils


Anemone blanda


Iris reticula


Rhubard – yipee

10 Comments on “Signs that spring will be here soon

  1. It’s great to see the new growth coming through, though your plants are a bit further on than ours. I’m not a fan of rhubarb, but with fresh green growth like that, it would be worth growing as an ornamental. The blackbirds have started singing – spring will soon be here.

    In the mean time, it’s just started snowing again here.

  2. Good to see signs of life. Hopefully Madarense will have self seeded. I must admit the snow has thrown a spanner in the works regarding tender plants surviving. Stops us getting complacent I suppose!

  3. It is sure encouraging to see those signs that spring isn’t so far off! Any signs of spring are most welcome as we trudge through these last grey weeks of winter.

  4. Wonderful signs of spring going on in your garden! I love that Aconite too, I’ve never grown it but it has wonderful color.

  5. It’s so heartening to see new growth. I hope that the geranium may yet surprise you.
    I was too complacent this year and left an astelia out which I think is no more 😦

  6. Don’t you just love seeing all those signs? Green is an extra pretty color in the winter, a sure sign of spring coming!

  7. It’s time for the Happy It’s Almost Spring dance. Those little bulbs are just the thing to cheer the winter weary soul. I couldn’t find any of my Winter Aconites sprouting yet, but at least my Snowdrops have started blooming.

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