A box of goodies


Today I had a pleasant surprise when I got home from work – a box of goodies from J Parker.  I placed the order about a month ago, I have to say with some trepidation as I have read some negative comments about them but the prices were so low that I thought I would give them a go.

It was like Christmas all over again opening my box of goodies – all neatly wrapped.  Inside were:-

Sanguisorba Obtusa

Calla (Zantedeschia) Amethyst

Calla (Zantedeschia) Flame

Athyrium Ursula Red

Athyrium Lady in Red

Hemerocallis Wild Horses


The Athyrium was the real reason for my order – I love Ferns and these really attracted me. Ursula Red looks very similar to my Japanese Painted Fern and Lady in Red has green leaves with red stems which I hope will look more gorgeous than it sounds! 

The Calla Lillies are to go on my patio where it floods – they like moisture so I figure that if we have a summer anything like the last two when my patio floods in one corner on a regular basis they should be OK.  If not I will move them up to by the pond.

The Hemerocallis is because of some of the US bloggers addiction to these plants I have found myself considering that maybe I should reconsider them and get some more but different to the everyday yellowy/orange ones I have.  Wild Horses has creamy white flowers with a black-purple eye zone above a green throat – words straight from the catalogue.  Looks very pretty and should work with the increasing amount of purple red flowers I have.

Sanguisorba is because I have seen quite a few of these in magazines and have been coverting for a while!

As for the Pulsatilla – these are 6 free plants.  I have 1 already which is quite nice so I dont mind some more but I am going to try and bulk them up and sell them at the plant sale in May.

So there I was as it was getting dark in the greenhouse frantically potting all them (with the exception of the Calla Lillies) up so they didnt die.  Fingers crossed they do well.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Getting a box of plant treasures is just the best. I had two ‘Lady in Red’ given to me as gifts. Highly satisfactory. Have them in dry sandy shade and they look bright and fresh all summer. Yes, they do have reddish stems, but I think their best characteristic is their ability to handle shade, dry and heat (and hideous winters).

  2. You are a lucky girl Helen. A box full of treasures. I love your picture, but if someone else ‘a normal’ person would look at it…I’ll guess they would think it is garbage!
    Thank god we are not one of those 🙂

    LOlove Tyra

  3. VP says:

    Helen – I’ve always found Parkers to be really good, especially for bulbs, but when we first moved here I bought all kinds of shrubs and perennials too as I had a whole garden to fill and they were really cheap. I’ve just overwintered 4 Dicentra ‘Alba’ from them + 6 free Scabiosa. The only time something went wrong was they sent the wrong gooseberry bushes I’d ordered for the allotment. They sent the correct ones AND said keep the wrong ones for my trouble!

    Spookily I’ve been looking at their website today and contemplating buying some Sanguisorba!

  4. Catherine says:

    How fun! Can’t wait to see how they look as they grow!

  5. Pete says:

    Nice stuff!!! Can’t believe how much stuff I’ve bought myself already this year, it’s only March for goodness sake!!! I keep getting surprise packages too, I kept ordering one or two things from T & M special offers the other month and now they’re all trickling through. Keep us posted as to how your plants get on!!

  6. Anna says:

    So exciting to come home to a box of plants. I have bought bulbs before from Parkers in the dim and distant past and they did well. They used to offer preferential rates to garden clubs and probably still do. Look forward to hearing more about their development 🙂

  7. EB says:

    I used to love the way if you order from Avon Bulbs, it comes wrapped up in their local paper! (or it did when I last ordered at least)

  8. teza says:

    You will adore A. ‘Ursula’s Red’ with every passing year, especially how the red tends to fill out from the centre of the leaves, creating a hypnotic effect….. ferns in general are wonderful!

  9. Racquel says:

    My favorite kind of goodies to get in the mail! Good luck with your new babies, I hope they thrive & do well in the garden this season. 🙂

  10. Carrie says:

    Oh, so exciting. I too received 2 seperate packages yesterday and was so happy, lots of lovely things sent up from the Republic by a friend and the long awaited for Asparagus crowns from Blackmoor. Oh I’d say it’s better than Christmas really – NOTHING I didn’t want (like a hand knitted jumper with a reindeer on it for example)!

  11. Lovely plants you have ordered and received.

    “snap” – I too have planted my first day lilies after seeing them across the gardening blogs last year.
    Have a good weekend

  12. carolj says:

    There is absolutely nothing better than getting new plants! Hope they all do well for you. I am expecting to get some lavender and mint plants in April. Seems like I ordered them months ago. It will be a sweet treat when they finally arrive.

    I envy the plant varieties that you can grow where you live. I love callas, but I haven’t had much success with them here. Too hot and dry I guess.

  13. easygardener says:

    Like having a birthday!.I’m rather taken with the Athyriums as I’ve only got the basic nipponicum. I hadn’t realised there was such a sellection of colours. I think I’ll be checking out J Parker.

  14. Dee says:

    Hi Helen, I grow ‘Lady in Red’ and she is as lovely as her photo in the catalog. I’ve had her for three years, and this year should be her best yet. I’ve also grown ‘Wild Horses,’ and it is a beautiful daylily. I think one of the reasons Americans like the daylily so much is that it performs so well in our gardens. After that purple eye, you may be smitten too. Happy Spring!~~Dee

  15. Gail says:

    Now I know for sure that I am ordering the Athyrium Ursula Red fern! Your description and Teza and Dee’s enthusiasm have worked their charm! Dee is right…Daylilies love our gardens and are easy as can be! Mine grow in part shade, too. They flower better in full but hey…gardens age…trees get taller! Enjoy planting your new treasures! gail

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