End of the month view – March 2009


I posted a similar photo to this at the beginning of March showing my garden this time last year and someone suggested that I should do a monthly update which I thought was a good idea.  If you look at the photo from last year there isnt as much colour.  I am struck looking at this how bare the fence is – last year the back of the garden was dominated by a huge Laurel.  I am gradually planting up the slope but I think I need to get some climbers for that fence.





So thats how it looks at the end of March 2009 – I wonder how much will have changed by the end of April 2009 – hopefully some of the bare earth will have begun to disappear under the emerging plants.

14 Comments on “End of the month view – March 2009

  1. I’m sure that hill will be covered in no time. It is amazing how quickly things change. What a good idea to document it.

  2. It is amazing to see how fast the scenery changes…I love your tiered hill, and pond, etc. It’ll be covered in blooms in no time! You’ve been doing a lot of work with your seed-planting; looks like it’s coming along well!

  3. I can really notice a lot of new growth in your pond area compared to your earlier pictures. I’d love to know what you grow in your pond.

  4. These are great to see ! I started doing a few before .. after and now pictures too and it really helps you keep a special eye on how your garden progresses ! Yours is very nice indeed girl !

  5. It’s looking pretty good, and what a difference compared to last year. Vines would be great on that fence. I’m trying to take advantage of the length of privacy fencing in my yard to grow some annual vines.

  6. What a good idea to photograph the same spot on a regular basis. I do like your pond and the pot. Maybe a clematis or two for that fence 🙂 Your greenhouse is filling up nicely.

  7. Some lovely signs of life there! All those little pots make me curious. Love your white Daffodils, and agree about the fence (I have precisely the same type of fence and they really are just flat boring screens).

  8. This is the time of year of rapid growth & change. I can imagine a huge difference between the March photos and those you’ll take at the end of April, which I think is the best of months.

  9. I love the terracing you’re doing – what a great way to use space. It already looks lush and well-loved!

  10. I love your pond with the pebble beach area – it is so nice to see the longer views of your garden and it will be lovely to follow it through the year.

  11. great before and after photos! I particularly love the rosemary – beautiful specimen and in a perfect spot. I put a link to your blog in my latest post musing about patience.

  12. Terracing great, really makes the garden look interesting.
    We used to have a Clematis Armandii (evergreen and early) before it had to be chopped down to make way for bigger fence, am about to plant another. Hydrangea Petiolaris also a favourite climber that does well in shade. Banksia Lutea, a species rose, is thornless and just about to burst into flower here in London.
    On the sunny fence we’ve also put in some double cordon apple and pear trees. For shady side morello cherry good too.
    Lovely pics Helen and I am jealous of your primulas.

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