Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – April 09


I had hoped to do a slide show for this month but with one thing and another I havent had time to take the photos and compile the show so I’m afraid I will only be including my highlights. 

Primulas are still one of the one flowers in my garden at the moment and my favourites are the Drumstick Primulas (above).  I have four of them now and they are bulking up nicely.  I hope to be able to divde them and start to create a drift.


Tulips are also beginning to be a feature this month.  Above is Princess Irene (I think).  I planted these in the border 3 years ago and they didnt do much and there wasnt much improvement last year.  I meant to dig them up but forgot.  I’m glad I did as this year they have reappeared and are healthy and strong with lots of flowers.  I read somewhere that as they come from Turkey the bulbs like to bake in the sun so you should plant them on the edge of the border where they wont be shaded.  This is where mine are but I cant imagine they got much of a chance to bake last year with all the rain we had.

I have other tulips in pots but they are only at the bud stage at the moment though the one below has an interesting colouring.


I’m also pleased with my Rancunculus Brazen Hussey (below)


The pond is beginning to come to life again with Marsh Marigolds flowering


I hope that by next month I will be able to include some Irises in my GBBD post – the first ones are coming into bud


Other colour in my garden is coming from the trees and shrubs which I recorded here

I did my first GBBD post a year ago today – I found it very interesting as of the flowers I featured only one of them is flowering at the moment.  This could be because I have been moving the plants around or maybe because we havent had much rain for the last month, though today is beginning to make up for it.

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23 Comments on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – April 09

  1. I really must get some drumstick primulas – yours look lovely. My tulips that have been in the ground for several years are doing really well this year, but given last years weather I don’t understand it either. Perhaps the soil was warmer than we were! I will be happy if I could get my tulips to come back each year.

    Best wishes Sylvia

  2. I do like the colour of that newly emerging tulip. The rain came down in buckets here overnight but it was most welcome 🙂 Your new header is most attractive.

  3. I love the name of the rancunculos !! that is so funny : )
    You have some very nice blooms for today girl !

  4. Happy Blooming~~ Joy’s comment about the name ranunculous made me smile. The primula is lovely…they are such sweet flowers. Have a good bloom day! gail

  5. Yes Primula Denticulata lovely they are easy to grow from seed as well as dividing like other primula.

  6. Gail and Joy – The Ranunculus ficaria (Brazen Hussey) is a Christopher Lloyd introduction. He found it in a local woodland and liked the dark leaves so introduced it to his borders. Like other Ranunculus it spreads very easily – hence the background to the name, if you know what I mean!! In’Succession Planting’ he says that the name was suggested by a friend.

  7. I love the name of ‘Brazen Hussey’ Sometimes the name alone is worth buying the plant for 🙂
    My poor drumsticks took quite a beating and only one looks good, yours is such a pretty color. I also have a white marsh marigold in bloom. I look forward to seeing the other plants in your pond. I need some new ideas!

  8. Even without the slideshow, you managed to pack in a lot of lovely flowers here! The drumstick primmies are so adorable, I would plant them but the snails always get mine so I’ve given up. Your drift idea is great, I’m sure they will look incredible. Happy Bloom Day!

  9. I used to grow ‘Prinses Irene,’ and that looks just like it. I remember it as having a good fragrance. It is a very busy time in the garden, but your highlights are wonderful.

  10. Love your drumstick primulas, I bought my first one yesterday, and I think it may be the first of many – they are such a delight.
    Your garden blooms look charming Helen

  11. Lovely photos Helen… I so love iris at that stage … such an interesting form… rather bird like. Gorgeous tulips! Beautiful blog too.

  12. Your yellows–the ranunculus, the marsh marigolds–are my favorites this month, though it’s hard to pick favorites with all those other great flowers. Happy GBBD to you!

  13. Wowser-I’m a bit late to the party but what a party! I love those primulas. I am also glad to hear another gardener say they can divide so as to create a drift. I have that issue too. Start out with one or two then it seems like years before I have a good drift, but eventually. ‘Brazen Hussy’ is quite the show off. Love that foliage with the yellow flowers. I will look forward to seeing your irises. Won’t be long now.

  14. Oh my Helen… its the drumstick primulas that have really caught my eye! I really want some too 😀

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