Humble Daisy – my native plant photo

The folks at Gardening Gone Wild have come up with a new monthly competition – Picture This.  This month it is a photo of a native plant in your garden or the surrounding landscape.


So here is my contribution – the humble Daisy. 

I did some research on native plants for the area of the UK I live in and whilst there were several that I have in my garden they aren’t in flower at the moment or have just gone over.  Examples are Primroses, Bluebells (almost in flower), Columbines, Foxgloves.  I found this site very interesting for checking on what is native for your area.

For more photos of native plants all of  which will be more stunning than my humble daisy visit Gardening Gone Wild


14 Comments Add yours

  1. Joanne says:

    They do look lovely in the right place but not so pleased to see them in the grass

  2. Gail says:

    it’s a cutie pie and looks a little like the Western Daisy in my lawn~~gail

  3. wiseacre says:

    Humble yes but I think a daisy is what comes to the mind’s eye when people think of a flower. (at least it does for me) It’s time for a ‘Plain Jane’ to go home with an award.

  4. Racquel says:

    They are such happy little flowers and I love them in the lawn!

  5. Town Mouse says:

    What a great choice, and the photo shows them just as they are. One of my favorites too, unfortunately, not great in California…

  6. Phillip (UK) says:

    If Daisies weren’t so common we would be growing them as little beauties.

  7. Sylvia (England) says:

    I love daisies and am happy to see them in the lawn, I am hoping to get more flowers into the small amount of grass that I have left but daisies will always be The lawn flower for me.

    Best wishes Sylvia

  8. Oh, that’s just lovely! The simplicity of white , green and yellow makes for a wonderful photo.

  9. joey says:

    Lovely … nothing simple about the revered daisy that evokes huge bows each time she returns 🙂

  10. catmint says:

    let’s defy the snobbishness that say daisies are humble and common. They are reliable and cheerful, and look stunning in a large group like in the photo.

  11. I think the vision of the daisies dropping out of focus and floating off to the horizon is so lovely…

  12. Carol says:

    How romantic a field of daisies and what of daisy chains? I love your photo and the daisy! A delightful cheery flower.

  13. Saxon Holt says:

    Well the contest is done and results posted over at GGW early next week. Thanks for your entry and I am giving each photo bit of constructive criticism.
    Your humble daisy is a classic wildflower for UK and your low angle is nice but we wanted to see the native in a garden setting

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