Another grand day out!!


Yesterday I went to my local horticultural show – the Malvern Spring Show.  It couldnt be more local to me as its 5 mins drive down the road – I could walk but then I wouldnt be able to carry back all my purchases!!

I particularly enjoyed it this year as I met a few of my fellow bloggers.  Firstly Anna of Greentapestry.  We met up first thing in the floral marque where there are around 100 nurseries.  Unlike Chelsea you can actually buy plants on the day.  We had a great morning looking at the stands with both of us buying some goodies (see later post for my purchases and the plants I liked).


Then we met up with VP from VegPlotting just in time to watch JAS presenting in the theatre.  He wasnt giving the talks yesterday but doing the introductions.  We also said hi to Debs from Beholders Eye and admired her show border which she won a silver gilt for.


My photo doesnt do her garden justice at all.  What it doesnt show is that the planting representing a dress on a manniquine.  You can see much better pictures on her blog here.

We also admired Claire Potter’s showgarden  – sorry I forgot to take a photo of this one so you will have to take my word for it thats it was lovely.  I think VP took some photos so no doubt it will appear on her blog in the near future.

Anna left at lunchtime and so I spent the afternoon with VP and her friends and we had a great time looking at the various displays and trying to get VP to buy something.  The jury was still out when I left at 4:30 but I couldnt stay any longer as my legs were killing me as I had been at the show since 9:00!!!

I had a great day and whilst in the past I have enjoyed visiting the show with my sons they wont mind me saying that I enjoyed it more this year in the company of fellow garden bloggers.

10 Comments on “Another grand day out!!

  1. PG ! These are outstanding plant displays .. if I had been there I would have gone mad for it all .. what a wonderful day you had girl ! Wish I could have been there too !

  2. I say this every year, but next year I am definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY going to Malvern. I am going to rely on you and VP and Anna and Garden Monkey and whoever else is around to drag me there. I’m so glad you had a great day.

  3. Victoria – VP and I were saying that we should get you and Emma to Malvern next year. Maybe stay over though I’m not sure where you would all sleep!!

    HappyMouffetard – maybe you could join us next year for a blogger get together

  4. Looking forward to next year Helen and to finding out what you bought after I left you 🙂

  5. Hi Patient Gardener! I think your pictures are lovely, especially the ones for the Malvern Spring Show. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi 🙂 I’ll be following your blog with interest!
    Plant Lady

  6. Oh, that sounds like fun! What pretty flowers. I love the mannequin, what a great idea. How fun to meet up with fellow bloggers. Can’t wait to see what you bought.

  7. Hi Helen – it was a great day, but too short as usual – not enough time to gossip and do everything justice! I didn’t find the lupins – where were they? Have posted a picture of Claire’s garden, but Arabella’s are better. The link from my blog will take you to her original outline design if you’re interested.

    And whilst we’re thinking of a bloggers day out, 6 on Friday wasn’t a bad effort!

  8. From my orchid-growing days I remember at least a couple plants that had “Malvern” in their names. Now I can see why it’s an event that should be commemorated forever in a plant name. With displays like this, how can you NOT end up buying a few interesting plants?

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