June – month of Roses


They call June the month of roses and this certainly seems to be the case looking around the UK gardening blogs.  I like to see my garden as a cottage style garden but have realised that in order to really embrae this style I should have far more roses.  Its not that I dont like roses I do but I suppose that I have been distracted in the last couple of years with filling the borders with perennials.  However I have managed to squeeze in 3 roses plus the 3 I inherited with the garden.

One of my acquisitions is the rose above.  Typically with me I cant remember its name but I know it has something to do with our Queen as it was bought through a special offer in one of the national papers during her Golden Jubilee.  The photo makes it look gorgeous but it is a sickly plant plagued with blackspot and only managing 3 or 4 flowers a year. The plant is straggly as well.  I have pruned, fed and fertilised but to no avail. Each year I say thats it you are out but then I forget and I get suckered in with the few flowers.


I do know what the one above is called – Chinatown.  Its everything the other one isnt.  Healthly, seems to avoid blackspot and has more and more flowers each year.  The scent is delious as well.

The other rose in bloom at the moment is one I inherited with the garden (below)- name unknown.  Its OK health wise and has a nice scent.  I think if I wanted to remove it I would have to be very determined as it is planted in one of those awkward positions where a pickaxe might be needed to extracate it.


I have seen a number of lovely roses arches recently and so I am really beginning to think that now I have sorted out the layout of the garden may be it is time to put in some pergolas or arches (whatever you want to call them) for roses and clematis to grow up.  Maybe a chat with my carpenter son would be a good step forward!

The other roses arent out in flower yet but I’m sure they will get their photos on here in the next week or so.


For more rose photos visit Gardening Gone Wild who have roses as the theme for their photo competition this month

13 Comments on “June – month of Roses

  1. Pretty roses! I have gotten suckered in by pretty roses too when the rest of the plant looks bad. Roses here are just starting to bloom too. I always wish I had room for a big rambler or climber on some sort of arbor. I hope you find space for a pergola.

  2. For me, the Austin rose ‘William Morris’ is just like your something-to-do-with-Liz rose: great promise, lousy performance, seductive few blooms. Each year, I keep hoping it will go voom, and each year it’s very sad-looking. I should probably give up and give it away, but then it gives me just enough action to provide hope.

    Right beside it is a ‘New Dawn’ climber that has been not only vooming but va-va-va-vooming for over 20 years.

    Perhaps it’s my sandy soil; I know roses prefer the heavy stuff. This year, I smartened up and remembered that rugosa roses will tolerate sand. Just added a David Austin rugosa called ‘Sweet Edrick’. At least, I think that’s what it’s called. We’ll see if it passes the voom test.

  3. Lovely blooms. I, too, get suckered in to keeping blackspot riddled, straggly roses whose names I don’t know because of the beautiful flowers and delicious scent.

  4. Hi Lovely photos and I am intrigued to find out the name of the first one. It reminds me a little of Gamis Castle. Your description so esembles my Galmis Castle. However I had the same problem with Cottage Rose and in the autumn after several years I moved it and then a year or so later moved it again. It now does wonderfully well and I even grew a cutting from it successfully. However I have tried moving other roses unsucesfuly but I probably took a chance and moved them at the wrong time.

  5. For a small arch or pergola I would recomend Cornelia which you can see in my blog it just flowers and flowers. Ramblers are lovely but grew rather big and usualy only flower once. When you realy get bitten have a good look at David Austen roses then you realy will get hooked especially on his English roses and you can select those that are disease resistant.

  6. They look great PG, the idea of a rose arch or a pergola sounds like a good one, it always helps to add interest and more growing opportunities. Add a clematis too. I have a lot of David Austin Roses in my garden, so many in fact I think he should give me shares in the company!

    Surprised to read William Morris isnt doing well for Helen in Toronoto, mine is 6 foot high and wide has probably 100 blooms on it and goes on and on, so much so I worry it will flower itself to death! Maybe it needs moving?

  7. At least in photos, your Roses look gorgeous. You should get tough and rip out the blackspotted one. There are so many better Roses which can give you the same effect. You should check out Dee’s blog, Red Dirt Ramblings, she is a rosarian with lots of Rosesna dn she has posted about their performance, although your results might be different with your vastly different climate.

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one suckered in by the flowers while the plant isnt great. I will try and be ruthless like Mr McGregor’s Daughter suggests but suspect I will fail.

    Joanna – its not Glamis Castle, the name was more obviously to do with the Queen – something like Princess Elizabeth or Jubilee

  9. They are so beautiful and look especially super against the black backdrop of your blog.

  10. Could anyone tell me when the chinatown rose blooms, does it bloom in may or just april. Thanks

  11. Sorry i ment may or just june not april. I would really like to get another rose that blooms about the time the lichtkonigin lucia rose does that is yellow because i would like to plant it near a ceanothus bush i have and the yellow roses would look lovely with the purple/blue bush, but unfortunatly alot of roses bloom june-july and beyond and this is just too late as the ceanothus bush looses its blue flowers just before june, i was wondering when the chinatown rose starts blooming, late may is about the time i would prefer. By the way your flowers look lovely.

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