This month our garden visit was to one of our member’s garden.  It is a real cottage garden with all the classic flowers.  Roses abound, clematis, peonies, irises, geraniums, sweet williams, the list goes on and on.  This is quite appropriate seeing as we are a local group of the Cottage Garden Society.


There is a beautiful pargdo down the garden which is drowning under the weight of roses.  The smell was quite intoxicating.  We were surprised to see so many flowers as there was quite a show a couple of weeks ago when we went round to see what we could do to help them get ready and we had had a terrible downpour earlier in the week.  I think that the roses are just so floriforious that they have lasted.


The garden is a fair size for its location but it is much smaller than many gardens we visit.  However, you loose a sense of the size of it because of its clever design.  The paths twist and turn so you cant see the whole garden.  You are constantly wondering what gem is round the next corner.


I really felt I could learn something from the planting combinations.  I particularly liked the combination of the Alchemilla mollis and the Nigella in the photo above. Whilst there were no jarring colour combinations, alla Christopher Lloyd, the planting was certainly far from dull.

There are not many large trees is the garden, although there is a borrowed landscape from the large larch trees in the adjoining properties.  However, height has been achieved with the clever use of trellis, obelisks and the pagoda.


So I have come home with lots of ideas!!