I am always looking for an excuse to increase the water in my garden apart from the stuff that comes down from the sky.  I have been thinking about having a small pond on the patio for a while now.  We have a reasonably sized wildlife pond which seems to be thriving if the size of the tadpoles is anything to go by but its up the garden and I wanted something that we could enjoy closer to the house.  I also think its important to provide lots of watering spots for wildlife.  They have quite a selection here ranging from a hanging bird bath to the wildlife pond.

The other weekend I took my sons to a flea market at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern.  I have to say it took alot of imagination to see this as the same venue many of us enjoyed in May at the Spring Show.  They have these markets fairly regularly and it never ceases to amaze me how many stall holders there are and how much ‘rubbish’ they have to sell.  I think this is an ultimate form of recycling and am constantly amazed at some of the things people buy.  Saying that I came away with a number of purchases including a tin bath at a cost of £18 (a bargain).  ‘Why’ was the cry of my mother who throws everything and anything away.  My response was I’m either going to use it as a herb garden or a pond.

The herb garden meant drilling holes in the bottom and this wasn’t very appealing at the time as it was quite warm so I went for a pond.  I have had great fun selecting some plants to go in it.  The waterlily is Perry’s Red Glow.  I know its not the smallest but I had to go with what was available at the garden centre and this one had the smallest eventual growth.  I also planted a Sagittaria japonica (Japanese Arrowhead) and a couple of irises (any excuse) and some good ol’ oxygenating weed.  I had to use some old house bricks to bring the marginal plants up to a suitable height and also some Malvern stone to make a landing spot for the birds. 

I am really pleased with the finished result – my only concern is that if we do indeed have a hot summer (I doubt it personally) then will the tin make the water too hot?  Hopefully the size of the bath will stop this happening.  If this does happen I will revert to plan B, put the plants in the big pond and plant the bath up as a herb garden.