Another month is over and the weather has meant that I haven’t got any where near as much tidying up as I had planned to do done whilst I have been on annual leave plus with all the rain everything is growing so fast.


The new border by the pond is really filling out now.  In another couple of days the annual Rudbeckias will start to flower.  They are late opening this year as I was tardy in planting them out.  The colour scheme hasnt worked out quite how I wanted so I will have to think about that over the winter.


The border in front of the pond is looking much better this year than last and I am really pleased with the Lobelia and Dahlia.  I just need to work on the far end of the border which you can’t see!


The nursery is really full now and I need to decide how to overwinter the plants.  Do I leave them in their pots on top of the soil; do I top up the bed with sand and push the pots into this or should I plant all the plants out?


The greenhouse is dominated by tomato plants at the moment and you can just see my first red plum tomato.

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This month Gardening Gone Wild is doing a workshop on ‘Time in your Garden’ and includes looking at your garden over a period of time to see how plants develop.  As these End of View posts have been recording how the borders develop over the past six months I think I will pop over and put a link on their post.