Our visit to North Wales ended on a high note with a visit to Portmeirion.  Which was a relief considering how bad the weather had been at the start of the week.  We know we were near Snowdon (the largest mountain in Wales) but we never actually saw it due to the poor visibility!! Some people might recognise Portmeirion from the 60s TV series The Prisoner.

I gave my eldest my camera to use during our visit to Portmeirion so I could look at the guidebook – being the swot I am.  He got rather carried away taking around 100 photos during our visit.  I can understand why though as it was stunning.  I had some idea what to expect but I was unprepared for the vibrancy of the colours and the sheer other worldliness of the place.  We felt like we were visiting the Mediterranean sometimes Italy, sometimes Spain or Greece and then you come across a Buddha (as seen in The Inn of the Sixth Happiness starring Ingrid Bergman).

Having recharged ourselves with cream cakes (well it was the last day of our holiday) we left the village and walked around the woodland gardens.  These were just as amazing with vast Rhododendrons (which I will post about soon), 100 year old trees big enough for my sons (6ft plus) to climb in and the odd folly.  Towards the end of our walk we came across lakes which came complete with a Chinese bridge and pagoda.

We could have spent longer at Portmeirion but we had a long drive home to do.  I would recommend it to anyone visiting North Wales and especially recommend that you do the woodland and coastal walks.

5 Comments on “Portmeirion

  1. Your slideshow has provided me with a welcome distraction on a wet and windy morning 🙂 It looks amazing – must get there.

  2. I’ve been twice and it’s been fab both times. I like the mix of architecture, gardens and that wonderful estuary. It really has the wow factor! So glad the weather got better for your visit.

    I saw your comment over at James’ about feeling left out on all the best blog lists. Don’t feel that way – they’re a load of rubbish and tiresome nonsense where a computer program with rather dodgy calculations has been used to come up with the ‘answer’. If someone from the companies involved actually looked at what the computer had come up with, they’d see the whole thing’s seriously flawed. It’s just a way to try and get more traffic to their websites and thus to earn some money without giving you anything in return!

  3. Great to see all of the photos – I was given some tickets to Portmeirion for my birthday but haven’t gone yet – your post has encouraged me to sort out a visit.

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