English Country Garden – Sept 09

2009_09130012Today I have been helping my friend with opening her garden in Callow Worcestershire for the National Garden Scheme.  I know her through our Cottage Garden Society and most of the committee turned up to help so we were a merry bunch.  The garden was open from 11-4 so it was quite a long day.  Luckily the sun shone and the plants sparkled.


She has lived at this house for 3 years and is very lucky in that the bungalow is built into the wall of a walled garden which was once part of a large estate.  The previous owners had done a lot of hard landscaping but she has spent the last three years renovating the borders.  The garden is split into two areas divided bya wall of about 8ft.  There is the flower garden and then on the other side of the wall a vegetable garden and orchard.


This was the first time the garden had been opened and she was thrilled to get 80 visitors during the day.  I suspect we would have had more if the weather had been better over the last month as I think a lot of peopel were taking advantage of the fine weather to catch up on their own gardens.  I think she will open again next year.

The flower garden is a wonderful mixture of perennials, shrubs and annuals and I think you will agree she has a good eye for colour.  She is particularly keen on Penstemons which is why she decided to open at this time of year, but for me it was the Dahlis which won the day.

10 Comments on “English Country Garden – Sept 09

  1. Glad that the sun shone down on your friend’s first opening – what a nerve wracking event that must be. I would kill for a walled garden 🙂

  2. That border looks smashing. Pretty good number of visitors, my second opening (yesterday) was very, very quiet. But that’s probably because I didn’t advertise the fact that it was open.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day Helen! The garden looks wonderful and delighted to hear you got the weather and visitors on the day! We opened a number of years ago for a local charity as part of a town opening but it rained and we saw few people being on the outskirts of town.

    Dahlia v penstemon… hands down the penstemon, I have spread this one around via cuttings… that reminds me need to take them soon 😀

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