GBBD – Sept 2009


Its interesting that although there appears to be alot of colour in the garden at the moment it is coming from fewer plants than in previous months.  One of my favourites at this time of year is the Japanese Anemone.  They really sparkling in the twilight and are quite a nice foil to other flowers such as Lobelia Tupa.


Another favourite is this Cimicifuga racemosa ‘Atropurpurea’ which has a wonderful scent.


Alot of colour is coming from these Rudbeckia Marmalade.  They are annual Rudbeckias.  Whist they are very attractive I dont like them as much as the Rudbeckia Cappacino I grew last year.


I’m pleased with this dainty Kniphofia called Toffee Nosed.  Hopefully now it has settled into its new home it will start to bulk up and I will get more than one flower.


I was late in sowing my calendula this year and then slow in planting them out so they are only just now getting going which is a shame as they will have a short flowering season.  I liked this flower as it looked rather shy!


The Sedums are proving to be very popular with the insects at the moment, although they didnt stay still long enough to feature in the photo above.  I think the Sedums are such good doers that we dont really notice how much colour they are contributing in their own subtle way.Copy (2) of 2009_08130020.

The real star of the show at the moment is my Dahlia Chat Noir which has been flowering for at least a month and is still full of buds.

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17 Comments on “GBBD – Sept 2009

  1. Great blooms there Helen! I too am loving the anemones at the moment. I agree the sedums are often underrated for colour but that dark dahlia certainly isn’t… what a beauty!

    I hope to add a GBBD vid at the end of my recent posting on Cambo later… off out today… daughter’s move into flat begins… Happy Bloom Day 😀

  2. I really value the sedums as they’re covered with bees at this time of the year and they provide some much needed structure during the winter. D. ‘Chat Noir’ is on my list for next year thanks to you 🙂

  3. I really like Japanese anenomes and envy you having a white one. Mine are pink. But they do glow in the dark! Val

  4. White is becoming quite interesting to me. I just planted some apricot calendula seeds and a couple of them are uup!

  5. The anemones and cimicifuga look wonderful together — are they actually neighbours? “Cimicifuga racemosa” is one of those names I love saying. As my garden is mostly shady, I’ve planted it and it gave me a couple of years of one or two floppy scapes before succumbing to my other garden trial: drought. Happy blooms day, from one Helen to another.

  6. Helen, Your Anemones are lovely and that last photo of your dark dahlia is striking! I too love the Sedum for its perfect fall color especially when it turns darker… right now it complements your dahlia.

  7. Star of the show, absolutely right. What a beauty.

    Your sedum looks just like mine and it’s one of my favourites in the garden. :0) I was very lucky with a butterfly photo the other day – on that very sedum – really must get it up on my blog before it’s completely unseasonal! (My rose hips header pic sat there all through winter, spring and summer and is now back in season again, lol.)

  8. So pleased to see a white anemone – not too keen on the pinks as rather a sickly shade for the autumn, in my opinion! At college ( along time ago now ), I had to research the plants discovered by Robert Fortune, the Victorian plant hunter. He discovered the anemone growing rampantly across freshly dug graves in a Japanese cemetery which, no doubt, accounts for their running riot in well tended garden borders.

    Like the blog so much you are now in my faves. Johnson

  9. What gorgeous blooms. I really liked the Atropurpurea with the bulbous center. And your dahlia is lovely! Lucky you to be having so many blossoms still blooming!

  10. Shirl – hope your daughter’s move went ok, our students arrive over the weekend
    Helen – yes the Anemone and Cimcifuga are in the same bed where it stays quite moist

  11. Some lovely September blooms Helen. I have recently swapped some strawberry runners for two white Japanese anemones 🙂

  12. I love the cimicifuga snd the dahlia. I have a bit still going but made the mistake of no dahlias – they didn’t survive the winter and I got cross and refused to replace them. Very bad mistake!

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