End of month view


What with one thing and another over the last month my garden has become somewhat neglected.  It has been driving me mad as I need to garden in order to ground myself but havent been able to get out so not only have I been seeing a garden that desperately needs some work done on it but I have also been struggling to cope without my therapy!!!


Today I managed to get outside this afternoon and start tidying up.  There is just so much to do that I found myself flitting from one job to another so nothing actually got finished but looking at the garden is does now seem to appear abit more care for.



I am becoming strangely attached to my old oven that has been sitting in the back garden for the last couple of weeks.  Found myself thinking it would make an interesting feature!!!!  Must ask my eldest to remove it asap!

You can see last month’s end of month views here

14 Comments on “End of month view

  1. I was thinking of you today, and wasn’t sure if you’d be posting your end of month view. Gardening really is therapeutic and I hope it’s helping you! Your garden has lots of pretty fall color now!
    (I did my post today too.)

  2. Good to see your end of month view Helen. I most impressed to see how tidy your greenhouse area looks. I am sure that you could pretty up the old cooker and make it a unique garden feature. I take it that the new kitchen must be nearer to completion.

  3. I am sure someone would take your old oven for a feature at the next Chelsea flower show – unless you can come up with something wacky yourself!

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  5. I like the stipia doing “wafty grass” and you still have so much green around the garden.

    Your greenhouse is also looking very enticing.

    I have put a post up for the end of the month (sorry a day late 😦 )

  6. Victoria/Anna – the cooker is definately going just waiting on a friend with a van to take it to the dump though I do like the idea of poached egg plants. The kitchen is now fitted just need to do the decorating.

    Karen – hadnt considered the greenhouse as enticing before but there are a couple of goodies appearing in there which I am thrilled about – will share in due course.

  7. Gardening stands between me and, well, having to pay for a therapist! It’s grounding, meditative and healing. I like the end of the month wrap ups! May I join you all? gail

  8. I can relate to gardening as therapy – or addiction – and the frustration when other things take you away from it. The stove does look funny – maybe you could grow ivy or something on it????? (lol)

  9. I have Blue Pot Envy — ever time I see a planter/container in that gorgeous shade of blue, I want one! Guess I’ll have to add it to my Wish List. 🙂 (What is that plant tumbling over the brick in the first photo? It’s wonderful.)

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