I do find this time of year challenging in terms of gardening and in turn my sanity. Whilst obviously there is plenty of tidying up to do in the garden the weather this past month in Worcestershire has been so wet that it has been impossible to do any tidying up. Even when it wasn’t raining the ground is so sodden that you really don’t want to work outside and as for the chilly wind that really puts me off. I am one of those people that really needs a fix of the garden to help with stress relief especially with the shorter days which seem to find me going to work and coming home in the dark.

How to get my fix?  I have a ridiculous pile of gardening magazines tittering on the edge of my coffee table some of them dating back to August.  This either demonstrates that I subscribe to too many magazines or/and that I just never have time to read them.  In theory if I can’t get out into the garden I should have plenty of time to read gardening magazines but for some reason I have this in built guilt trip that sitting reading a magazine is lazy and I should be doing something more pro-active such as painting the kitchen! 

Then of course there are the seed catalogues which I drool over when they first arrive.  After a first perusal I put them to one side, along with the magazines, with the intention of considering them unmass and making a strategic plan as to what I actually want to grow and having a planting plan for the front garden etc.  Instead what usually happens is I end up panicing in January/February and ordering things on a whim so have a chaos of plants with no idea of what will go where and with what.  So really I should be using my spare time to consider this now and to dream of the halcyon days of summer when I can admire the success of my plans but we all know that just won’t happen.

I could also catch up on my garden blog reading, maybe I could get inspiration from one of my fellow bloggers, get a bright idea to put into action for next year or find a post that amuses and diverts me.  Unfortunately, being less than a month to Christmas and because many others are fustrated at the lack of gardening there is little variety out there.

There seems to be no substitute for getting out in the garden and getting my hands dirty so I will just have to grit my teeth and try to look ahead to the spring when I can start to feel optimistic and positive. Maybe I should draw up a list of projects for the spring and maybe this winter I could actually get my act together and do a sensible seed buying list – I will have to dig deep and find a positive viewpoint otherwise this blog is going to sink to new time low!

The picture at the top is a Helianthus – a nice cheery yellow one.

I’m listening to Top Gear with one ear (the boys are watching it) – Guy Ritchie has just done a pretty slow lap