Frozen winter wonderland


Unlike most of the UK we seemed to have escaped the snow except for a light costing on Saturday night (3 days ago).  We have had very low temperatures though so the snow hasn’t melted just frozen over and over again and is now a horrid ice.  I took these photos this morning when I was out topping up the  bird feeders and deicing the bird baths.  There is a special sort of stillness in the garden at the moment which I find quite magical.

The forecasters are predicting more of the same maybe this year we will have a white Christmas.

10 Comments on “Frozen winter wonderland

  1. Lovely stillness and icy coated foliage. I use the same words “horrid ice” to describe our snow now. Treacherous! All is white, glazed the landscape over. There is beauty in its frozen stillness… only hard to move about safely. I hope you will have some more soft fluffy snow for Christmas. Happy Holidays! Carol

  2. Hello and Merry Christmas Helen !
    Being Canadian this is more than half our annual weather .. so seeing some one be rather new to this is fun .. you took some great pictures .. snow and ice can be so interesting close up !

  3. Lovely pics, Mornings are a quiet and peaceful time in the garden especially at the moment.I know I stand outside at this time of year to enjoy the stillness.

  4. As beautiful as snow is I am not thoroughly fed up with it and wish it would go… The reality is that it makes life miserable for anyone except a child! lol.

    It is very pretty though and would love a white christmas, even if it is just the old snow still on the ground.

  5. Ah if only the beautiful snow would remain snow and not morph into the more horrid ice… Even from my limited cold weather experience I can remember how nasty the slick and hard ice can be–I kept falling on the stuff.

  6. Hi Helen, it’s frozen here, but beautiful, and I am stuck in bed with a horrible cold! Hope you have a lovely Christmas and happy new year too!

  7. For just having a “point and click” camera, you take outstanding photographs. Enjoy the stillness in the garden and try not to dwell on the ice. It will warm up soon.
    Cheers and Happy Holidays,

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