Tigridia pavonia

As some readers will know I am a seedaholic – I love the thrill  of growing plants from seed.  To feed my addiction I order seeds each  year through the Cottage Garden Society  seed distribution scheme and in the last two years also  through the Hardy Plant Society scheme.   I  understand the RHS  also have a scheme but so far I have resisted as I think it may be one  step too far for me!!

Thalictrum rochebruneanum

This week my seeds from the Hardy Plant  Society arrived which was a cause for much excitement.  Inside the brown envelope were 30 packets  of seeds each neatly labelled.  I  spent a lovely afternoon, snowed  in, checking them off  against my original order – I only had  2 packets  which weren’t my first choice.  For those of you who like  lists these are the seeds I  got this year from  HPS

  1. Abutilon megapotamicum
  2. Acis autumnale
  3. Aconitum hemsleyanum
  4. Agastache uticifolia ‘Liquorice Blue’
  5. Aquilegia formosa
  6. Akebia quinata
  7. Andropogon geradi
  8. Anemone hupehensis
  9. Callistemon citrinus ‘splendens’
  10. Chelone lyonii
  11. Cicerbita alpina
  12. Clematis integrifolia
  13. Deschampsia flexuosa
  14. Dicentra scandens
  15. Echinops ritro ssp ruthenicus
  16. Kalmia augstifolia
  17. Kirengeshoma palmata
  18. Notholirion bulbuliferum
  19. Orthrosanthus chimboracensis
  20. Ornithogalum oligophytlum
  21. Paradisea lusitanica
  22. Phyteuma scheuchzeri
  23. Primula cockburnrana
  24. Romulea bulbocodium
  25. Roscoea purpurea
  26. Thalictrum  rochebruneanum
  27. Tigridia pavonia
  28. Veratrum nigrum
  29. Vestia foetida
  30. Watsonia pillansii

Acis autumnale

So those are my exciting packets of anticipation –  I am now waiting for my packets to come from the CGS.  As the seeds are sent in by the Societys’ members some times there are  issues over the viability of the seeds but I see it as a way of getting seeds for plants that aren’t available through run of the mile seed suppliers and  cheaply as well.

I’ll let you know  how I get on as the season progresses.

Note: the photos were  downloaded off google images so I can’t take the  credit for them.