Survivors of the snow

We have had a thaw the last two days a there are now only a few small areas left in the garden where the snow remains.  The sun was shining this morning so  I decided to have a waunder around the garden to see if  there were any casulties.  Back at the beginning  of December I invested in a 10ft long cloche or  mini poly tunnel which I put over all my seedlings from the last growing season.  I was a little tardy in  purchasing the cloche so when I  finally got it the plants had already been frosted. However having shaken off the snow today and peering inside most of the  plants seem to have held up well.  Which is a relief.


I was pleased to see my Fatsia had recovered and is looking lush and healthy.  A couple of days ago the  leaves were like old rags.

My Sarcocca hookeriana humilis (Christmas Box) has also emerged from under a blanket of snow complete with fat little slower buds.  I am really looking forward to these opening since I only bought the plant last year and that was after the flowers had finished so I will be interested to see if the scent lives up to its expectations.

One of my Camellias is also looking as thought it won’t be long before it puts on its show which I am really looking forward to.

Having looked a a depressive monochrome picture for at least two weeks it is a real relief to see the signs that Spring isn’t that far away.

13 Comments on “Survivors of the snow

  1. Mother nature knows how to take care of her own (at least as long as they are in the right zone). Ha,

  2. I have never seen my fatsia looking so woeful but like yours it has really perked up. Glad to hear that the seedlings seem to be ok.

  3. I’m jealous that your camellia is getting ready to put on a show…mine only sprouted 3 blooms, and they’re already finished. More like a ‘one act play’ than a ‘show’. 🙂 I’ve only had it in the ground since last Feb, maybe I haven’t given it enough of a chance yet lol.

    Nice blog!

  4. Your plants are looking great! I love the look of sweet box and have heard stories of its wonderful smell. I hope it continues to do well for you.

  5. I don’t think you will be disappointed with the sarcococca; the scent will fill my small garden on a (relatively) warmish day.

  6. Wasn’t great to be able to have a decent session in the garden yesterday?

    It’s good to see so many of your plants have survived the weather. I bet you’re really glad of your new cloche even if you were a little late in using it.

  7. Don’t forget to let the air blow through your cloche whenever you can that is a mistake I make with the greenhouse. You are so pleased they survive the snow you forget that mould can do even more harm.

  8. Your cloche/tunnel really did the trick ~ everything looks great to me. I think I even see spots of color?? Can it be blooms?? I wish all our snow were almost gone. It has stuck around way too long this year.

  9. This was a very encouraging post; I didn’t know the fatsia was such a survivor! A snowdrop showed its face in my garden today; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Roll-on springtime.

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