Another list of delights

Asarina procumbens

Just over a week ago I posted about my  seed haul from the Hardy Plant Society,  well today my seeds from the Cottage Garden Society seed distribution scheme arrived.  Luckily there aren’t as many packets but it is another electic mix and surprisingly only one duplication with the seeds from HPS which is good as I didn’t really cross -reference my orders.  The result is that I have two lots of Thalictrum rochebrunianum which is good as its a plant I would really like so now have double the chance.

So  to be very boring here is a list of the seeds from the Cottage Garden Society (sounds like the voting for the Eurovision Contest which just isnt the same since Terry Wogan stopped presenting it)

  • Aconitum ‘Ivorine’ – I have never managed to grow Aconitums but  I will keep trying.
  • Anthemis tinctoria
  • Asarina procumbens
  • Asclepias curassavica
  • Cercis siliquastrum
  • Clianthus puniceus
  • Iris sibirica ‘Caesars  Brother’
  • Lathyrus vernus
  • Lunaria rediviva
  • Lychnis xarkwrightii

Lychnis xarkwrightii

  • Moraea huttonii
  • Nicotiana sylvestris
  • Phlomis russeliana
  • Physostegia  virginiana
  • Platycodon grandiflorus
  • Prostantheria cuneata
  • Salvia coccinea
  • Stachys macrantha
  • Thalictrum rochebrunianum
  • Thermopsis rhombifolia
  • Veronica spicata
  • Veronicastrum virginicum
  • Melica altissuma

Physostegia virginiana

I have looked them all up and made a note  of when  I need to sow the seeds and  what conditions they like.  Between these and the HPS seeds I should be kept busy over the next couple  of  months plus all the other packets that I have acquired during last year.  Maybe I should be considering a bigger greenhouse!!!

The photos are all from google images but hopefully in the next couple of years I will have plants I can photograph myself.

9 Comments on “Another list of delights

  1. Hi Helen,

    You really are going crazy with these seeds! I think you will probably need a bigger greenhouse.

    Some great species in the mix, and it’s just as well you’re patient… 🙂


  2. How very exciting and I agree it looks like you will be very busy! Looking forward to learning from your beautiful blog!

  3. Isn’t it funny how even buying seeds is extremely exciting???!

    I especially look forward to photos of your veronicastrum – a plant I plan on getting too! 🙂

    I have so many packs of seeds both bought and sent in seed swaps to last me a lifetime and yet I still want more!!!

    Oh and a new Greenhouse is definitely needed… of course it is!

  4. You have collected some incredible seeds this year Helen. I’ve never seen an ivory monkshood but I bet it would be beautiful. I love them. Also, I hope you have good luck germinating everything, especially phlomis russeliana. That’s been on my list for a while. I did get one phlomis tuberosa (pink variety) to germinate about 6 years ago and it’s still growing very politely among my front border. Have fun sowing.

  5. What a great variety and with all these and the others you listed … you may need to expand your greenhouse! What fun! I have greenhouse envy and cannot wait to see all these babies! ;>) Carol

  6. Seeds are marvellous things.
    The only really annoying thing about them is that they refuse to plant themselves.
    Especially as it is so very easy to over order the things.

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