What a difference a haircut makes!

Before the haircut

Finally got some time this weekend to work in the garden.  There seemed so much to do to make me feel like I am in control.  So I decided to start at the beginning of one border and just  work my way round, clearing leaves and cutting  back perennials.

I seemed to get distracted by the Stipa gigantea which had taken a bit of a battering in the recent snow.  I cleared the leaves that had collected in the centre of the plant, I must admit some of them have been there since last winter.  I cut back  the old flowering stems and wasted a ridiculous waste of  stems pulling out the dead leaves which I dont think  I have really done for  a couple of years. Removing the dead leaves thinned  the plant right out and actually made the new leaves seem to lift.  Just to finish my hairdressing session off I trimmed the ends of the leaves so they didnt drag on the ground so much and again helped lift the plant.

I am really pleased  with the result, the plant looks a lot healthier and all ready for the spring.  However, I don’t think there  is a career for me  as a hairdresser.

After the haircut

8 Comments on “What a difference a haircut makes!

  1. I definitely see a difference! You sound like me, I get a great feeling when my yard is under control! 🙂 Your yard looks great.
    I garden in Southern California so we probably have huge differences in what is going on in our yards.

    We just had a week of heavy rain (El Nino) which is unusual. This week will be sunny most of the week so our plants will start their march into spring time blooming. I posted some pictures of the roess that I transplanted 2 weeks ago just in time to enjoy the rain! My blog is Lala Land

  2. I love it when grasses look all tidy ready for the coming year. One of my gardens had a huge amount of stipia that I used to rake out in the spring. Yours is looking very handsome now

  3. It is amazing what a bit of TLC and pruning or cutting out old stems will do for a plant. Quite the transformation! How lovely you get to work in your garden!! carol

  4. It’s looking much improved for your action. You are braver than me – I’m holding back for a few weeks before any haircuts including my own 🙂

  5. I am sure the plant feels better – and so do you. A few jobs in the garden and we are back in the swing of things. Thank heavens!

  6. Gosh, would you like to come round and do mine? I think you definitely have a Vidal Sassoon way with your cutting techniques. I have been hacking back overgrown weigelas this week, not so much a haircut as a mass amputation, and I wouldn’t dare show you a photograph either before or after, I’d be too ashamed of the neglect in the first and the barbarity in the second!

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