End of Month View January 2010

Well the start of a new year so I  have changed my vantage points for the End  of Month posts.  Iam going to try really hard to  take photos from the same four points at the end of each month, unlike last year when only the first shoot was from the same point each month.  This year the four shoots will be of four areas I want to improve during the year to see if I make any progress.


The top  shoot is  of what I  call the pond border – you can just see the pond to the left of the  photo.  Last year I started to make this  into  a hot border so I  am planning to continue  and improve on that plus hopefully plan in some structure so there is  winter interest which as you can see is distinctly lacking at the moment.

Point 2: I call this the gravel path border as there is  a path just to the left of the border.  This was a new border last year and as yet I haven’t found an identity for it.  The back of the border is very shady and the soil gets quite dry in the summer due to the tree which is just by where I took the photo so I need to find plants  to add height at the back as well as interest.  Think some Japanese Anemone will feature here as I have loads which I need to move.

Point 3: This border has been fustrating me for a while as well.  I have alot of perennials lurking in it but there is no structure or cohesion so I need to address that.  If there is to be a theme I suspect any flowers will be of a pastel  pallette.

Point 4: The Bank – I have already started  to make progress on this.  As the wind whips across my garden despite the trees and everything seems to bend over I have decided to use plants that are used to moving in the wind.  So I have started to incorporate grasses and some wiry stemmed plants like Salvias and Verbena bonariensis

So those are my challenges for this year.  Why not join me in posting End of Month views and leave a link in the comments box.

19 Comments on “End of Month View January 2010

  1. Hi again Helen, great idea to pick vantage points. I’ll have to try that with my videos. I see you’e had snow too. Ours was just a pretty dusting this time but more is expected. Drove 2 hours North today up to Aberdeen and it was back to pavements and car parks covered and slippery.

    I’ve enjoyed joining you this month. Looking forward to seeing the progress of yours and other gardens throughout the year. My posting for this month can be found here. Just a bit early this month as will be doing the RSPB Birdwatch tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 😀

  2. I want your fence! Have I mentioned that? I have serious fence envy here. Now, you don’t have nearly enough snow, Helen, so I’m happy to share some with you. If I could just put it into an email…

    • I hate my fence and want to find some ways to disguise it!!

  3. What a great idea to pick four vantage points and photograph them each month! I definitely am going to follow along and see the results. And I’m envious of your lovely little greenhouse in the background. 🙂

  4. I love this Helen … I would love to join you… you have four viewpoints and you will show each view again at the end of each month. I look forward to seeing them and how your vision for them unfurls!! It is exciting to imagine all the lush and vibrant dormant life there in your garden already. I am right there with you in needing to add more structure … more evergreens, arbors… right now when I look out I see a stick garden! Thanks for the inspiration of choosing four views … a great discipline. But I will have to come back tomorrow or Monday with the link. One more thing to add to my ‘To Do’ list.

    • Hi there – I do hope you do find time to join in with this meme – it will be fun to see how your garden changes through the year

  5. Helen, this sounds like a perfect excuse to buy four nice little tiles/pavers or something similar and set them into the ground. If no-one else knows what they’re for, you will. They’re where you’ll stand each time you take your reliably precise “end of month” shots. They’ll become an historical artefact… (narration by a descendant in the year 2110) “And this is where great great Grandma Helen, the pioneering blogger known as the Patient Gardener, stood to take her famous ‘end of month shots’ which are now part of the family archive.”)

  6. Helen – great idea to pick 4 spots to do the end of the month view – and I am particularly enchanted by Jamie’s comment, now where can I buy 4 nice pavers …

    I have also enjoyed reading about your musings and plans for each area
    Will pop back with my link later.

    • Hi – thanks for joining in again this month. I think winter really highlights the weaknesses in our gardens

  7. Dear Helen, Why is it with gardeners that we never seem completely satisfied with things as we have them but are always looking to improve? Apart from the inevitable work change entails, I imagine that it is all part of the fun.
    Verbena bonariensis would, I feel, be an excellent choice for the position you outline. In my experience, it should be left to seed when it will establish in happy numbers. I have never found it a nuisance nor do I think one can have too much of it!!

    • I have never had a problem establishing Verbena either, just need to dig up some seedlings and relocate them

  8. I’m lovin this end of the month meme – I’m too busy gardening to join in this month but maybe I’ll have a go next time. BTW I was born in Scotland but lived for some years in Worcestershire. My older girl was born in the Lucy Baldwin Maternity Hospital in Stourport – closed long long ago. I lived in a little village called Chadsley Corbett (prob spelling it wrong now). Worcestershire is a lovely county. But my central coast garden
    in California has captured my heart.

    • Hi – I do hope you join in next month. Chaddesley Corbett is about 30 mins from me and there is a wonderful private garden there

  9. An excellent idea, Helen! I will take up the challenge as soon as I am back on the farm, and cheat a little with the ‘end Jan’ shots ;). Hmmm… if it is to be ‘places to be improved’ the first two I think of will most likely not change this coming year… OK!!! The Lower Rosemary Border, The Beech Borders, The Entrance, The Croft Cottage’s Garden. Only 4? Hell, there are 40 I’d like to improve….!

    • I’d love you to join in but its up to you what you choose to follow during the year. It doesnt have to be the same bit of garden or something that needs improving. Last year I just did random shots of the garden, however the idea of following a project through the year does seem to have caught people’s attention

  10. Good luck. I like the idea of taking the same photos from the same spot monthly. It will be a great inspiration as well as a good way to record your progress! I will be watching along with you every month!

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