Well the start of a new year so I  have changed my vantage points for the End  of Month posts.  Iam going to try really hard to  take photos from the same four points at the end of each month, unlike last year when only the first shoot was from the same point each month.  This year the four shoots will be of four areas I want to improve during the year to see if I make any progress.


The top  shoot is  of what I  call the pond border – you can just see the pond to the left of the  photo.  Last year I started to make this  into  a hot border so I  am planning to continue  and improve on that plus hopefully plan in some structure so there is  winter interest which as you can see is distinctly lacking at the moment.

Point 2: I call this the gravel path border as there is  a path just to the left of the border.  This was a new border last year and as yet I haven’t found an identity for it.  The back of the border is very shady and the soil gets quite dry in the summer due to the tree which is just by where I took the photo so I need to find plants  to add height at the back as well as interest.  Think some Japanese Anemone will feature here as I have loads which I need to move.

Point 3: This border has been fustrating me for a while as well.  I have alot of perennials lurking in it but there is no structure or cohesion so I need to address that.  If there is to be a theme I suspect any flowers will be of a pastel  pallette.

Point 4: The Bank – I have already started  to make progress on this.  As the wind whips across my garden despite the trees and everything seems to bend over I have decided to use plants that are used to moving in the wind.  So I have started to incorporate grasses and some wiry stemmed plants like Salvias and Verbena bonariensis

So those are my challenges for this year.  Why not join me in posting End of Month views and leave a link in the comments box.