I have finally finished my first proper watercolour.  I started a botanical drawing class back in September and am now on my second term.  Whilst I have done art classes before (pastel, life etc) I haven’t done watercolours or neat or precise etc so this is proving to be  a real challenge.

My art class have been rather amused as I actually hate beetroot but I have learned to love my beetroot.  The colours when you look closely (and if you wash it and polish it with olive oil) are amazing. I have struggled with doing the fine roots, they should be finer but I am getting better and  to my mind the leaves arent that good but then they were made up as the beetroot I had didn’t have leaves.

Next week I have been told to take a pot of snowdrops – which sounds even more fiddly and my tutor says (or threatens) that  I aam also going to do the bulbs.

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