I’m not panicing honest!!!!

When I did my end of  month view a  couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had a few projects lined up for the coming year which I would keep a diary of during the year.  However, there have been exciting goings on since then as VP and I have been hatching plans for the http://malvernmeet.blogspot.com/ event.  I think initially we both thought that we would be meeting up with a handful of UK bloggers that we already knew and who normally go to the Malvern show.  Not so, the event has taken on a life of its own as you will see if you visit the blog VP  has  set up for the event.  Not only do we have UK bloggers coming but also Yolanda for the Netherlands and today Frances and Gail have confirmed that they will be popping over the pond from the US to join in the fun.  We had anticipated that some people may stay overnight and we might decide to have a meal out on one of the evenings but with the amazing amount of interest we have had we are now in the situation where we have  between 10-20 attending the  evening event on both Friday and  Saturday.  Now Malvern is  a small provincial town and  so there aren’t many eating establishments that can cope with these sorts of numbers.  In a moment of complete madness I merrily said to VP, “Well if it comes to  it everyone can come round to mine for a party”.  Oh dear.  On current numbers I have around 14 confirmed as coming to my house on the Friday evening and about 10 additional possibles!!!!!

Consequently, I have now become completely panic-stricken.  Not about all these people in my house (luckily I had a new kitchen and bathroom installed last year), nor about feeding them all (whilst we haven’t a great choice of restaurants in Malvern we do have a lot of  take aways).  No I am panic-stricken about my garden.  There will be a bunch of very discerning gardeners visiting.  I won’t be able to hide the areas that don’t appear on the blog from them.  Some of them will be garden designers by profession – I haven’t got a clue about design and it  shows.  Argh!!!  So my couple of projects have become more pressing and on  top of them I have to address the front garden once and for all. 

I  am one of those people who doesn’t enjoy gardening in my front garden.  Since I moved here I have planted a Laurel and  Beech hedge to get some privacy and also  some  trees but apart from them there is a lack of cohesion, design or anything else desirable.  I tend to  park  the car and go straight in the  front door without a second look at the garden but this will be the first impression my gardening gurus will have.  So I have been looking out of the upstairs window to try to  decide  what  to do.  I think the shape of the lawn (see above) is  OK – I just need to sort out the planting.  According to the countdown on Meet@Malvern I have 88 days to sort things – better get going.

Author: Helen Johnstone

I live in Malvern, Worcestershire and am a very keen gardener. I started the Patient Gardener Blog in January 2008 as a way of recording what was happening in my garden and connecting with other like-minded people. I started a second blog PatientGardener 365 January 2013 in order to try and post a photo a day to capture what is growing in my garden or places I have visited

21 thoughts on “I’m not panicing honest!!!!”

  1. I know completely how you feel – I’ve recently started getting nervous when people come round to visit as I talk about my garden the whole time! But your garden DOES look lovely, and I’m sure we’re all coming to see you, not examine your hostas!

  2. Dear Helen, first we would like to thank you for this very generous offer of feeding the hungry group along with the planning. We are all gardeners and love seeing things growing, period. I know from reading your blog that we will be completely in love with all you have done, and encouraging for what you have planned. Thank you too for the mention and link love. Gail and I wish to be put to work in the kitchen, or wherever we may best be used to help handle the crowd. Keep Gail away from sharp knives, however, she has a bum thumb. HA We are so looking forward to this. 🙂

  3. Helen, however much I say please don’t panic about the garden I know you will …. but I will try, please dont panic about the garden Helen – we will all be visiting just to have a lovely time with you and it is brilliant that you have offered us take always at your place.

    So lovely news that meet at Malvern is going global with Frances, Gail and Yolanda all visiting as well.

  4. I would feel exactly the same myself, and so would the rest of the bloggers that you are going to be host to. Maybe they should each bring a plant and do a front garden makeover. Be fun wouldn’t it?

  5. Helen – everyone’s been so positive about coming to yours because it means there’s time to relax and have a chat with everyone. I know that won’t stop you panicing, but do try!!!!

    Victoria and I will probaly be joining you in eek mode at some point too!

  6. No one has a perfect garden, dear Helen. NO ONE! If they do, it’s because they have staff and gazillions of dollars, and those aren’t gardens, they’re landscape installations. Your garden has heart and soul, like you do. It’ll all be fine. As for the feeding of people…potlucks are always a good solution, too. Wish I could be there…

  7. I can understand how you feel. On the other hand, think of all he free advice you might get from some great designers! I would love to get some professional input into my own space.

  8. Hi Helen,

    I can understand your panic, as I too would feel the same way!

    Good luck, and I am sure everyone will be more than delighted with your garden, knowing you are currently working on things no one will expect you to have Wisley on your front!

  9. I reckon we’d all feel the same. I used to get like this about the house when Ma-in-law hove into view. Here’s a tipIs that helped me – make your shiny things shiny and that’s what people see. So a bold eyecatcher’s all you need. Good luck!

  10. Looking forward to meeting everyone (and of course a nose at your garden if I am honest). However I know just how I would feel if it were mine so just want to thank you for having the generosity and the nerve! Can’t wait (and don’t do too much).

  11. In that case, fear not. We will all stand in awe of your hostas and even if you have an anormous thicket of japanese knotweed in another corner, that will be enough. Going to sort out train tickets now, can’t wait to meet you all!

  12. Helen, I want to echo Deb’s sentiment. Is it possible to think of this as a bunch of wonderfully talented and helpful friends coming over who would be happy to make suggestions? But I think I understand how you’re feeling. I have this plan to post a new overview of my garden that will include all the areas (like the row of scraggly lilacs) that I never mention or (horrors!) show in my blog — and somehow I never get around to doing it. 🙂 Good luck; I do really believe that everyone will be charmed by both you and your garden.

  13. I know I’d be feeling the same way, but I’m sure your garden will look great. I’m also sure no one will be there to critique your garden. You will all have such a great time, wish I could join you.

  14. Helen, don’t worry – we are coming to meet you and have a lovely gossip together. Your generosity in opening up your house and garden for us all to meet is wonderful. Thank-you

    PS Please ignore the photo with this comment – it’s a hangover from a completely different web presence!

  15. Dear Helen, I totally understand how you feel! The first time Frances came to visit I sequestered an entire section of the back garden~”Do not look behind the curtain” ala Wizard of Oz! We will only see the the beauty that you have created in your garden and the happy faces of the other bloggers! xxoo gail ps Thank you for being so gracious to two innocents going abroad!

  16. I am sure everyone will be lovely about it. We’ll all just talk about you when you nip out to the kitchen heh heh heh… (‘Did you SEE the state of her cotoneaster’ etc…)
    I didnt realise the plan had shifted to include a party. Perhaps I might be able to nip up for a few hours after all x

  17. Frances & Gail – I am really looking forward to meeting you both in May. Dont worry we dont stand on ceremony here and you will definately be pressed into service

    Lia – luckily I dont have a cotoneaster!! You must come I am making a bday cake for Michelle

    Everyone – thank you all for your positive comments, have told myself that I shouldnt panic but dont think I will be able to help myself

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