GBBD 15/02/2010 – Spring is nearly here

Whilst the garden is burgeoning and there are plump buds appearing every day there is still very little actually in flower for me to show you on this February GBBD.  My favourite at the moment is the beautiful Hellebore above.  I bought it 2 years ago from Ashwood Nurseries and it didn’t flower at all last year so I am thrilled that the plant has lots of fat buds on it.

February is definately the month for snowdrops.   I have heard people say the  snowdrops are late this year but I dont think mine are any later than this time last year, however two years ago I had daffodils in flower at this point. 

While I was hunting around the garden for something in flower I was really pleased to spot this Primula making a valiant effort.  Spring proper shouldn’t be too long now.

Winter Aconite is still shining away in the border.  The plant has been here for a couple of years now but hasn’t really started to spread yet, though no doubt when it does I will wish it hadn’t.

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16 Comments on “GBBD 15/02/2010 – Spring is nearly here

  1. Dear Helen, To me, your hellebore is perfect which is not to overlook your snowdrops and aconites. I was interested that the hellebore had come from Ashwood’s Nursery. They have, in recent years, produced many fine cultivars and have built up a very good name for themselves.

  2. My winter aconites haven’t spread much either – I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a myth…

    Looking forward to Friday. Hoping snowdrop peeping does get adopted as the phrase for February!

  3. An Ashwood hellebore – it must have been hard to chose just one to bring home but that’s a beauty.

  4. Beautiful photos, beautiful plants. I’m especially attracted to the subtle yellow of the primula. Spring seems to begin with these smallest of plants and grows until the whole garden is celebrating the season.

  5. I can’t wait until my hellebore blooms. I don’t even have buds yet, but mine’s just a baby. Yours is lovely. Happy GBBD!

  6. Your flowers are lovely and you are right, there is so much snow. I just want a couple of flowers outdoors. I guess waiting will make it all the sweeter. I’ll just keep saying that to myself over and over and over

  7. Ah Helen, pick of the post here has to be the primula. Looked at mine yesterday and no signs of flower buds at all. Great to see yours. I grew mine from seed (guessing you might have too) and it has travelled around my garden all by itself… brave thing as I follow it with my trowel relocating most of them 😉

    Enjoy your snowdrop peeping with Helen on Friday. Have to get out and see some myself 😀

  8. I just love your hellebore – if you got it from Ashwood Nursery then you have a winner as their ashwood varieties are internationally aclaimed. My winter aconites have not appeared yet. Glad you liked my witchhazel idea – I have 3 in pots. I have a huge witchhazel pallida growing in a pot but this spring I am thinking about putting it in the ground. Sometimes I am such an impluse buyer plants have to go into pots until I can figure out where to put them in the garden – and that can take a long time.

  9. I have fat hellebore buds but only one flower. Love yours. For some reason I have resisted the idea of winter aconites – maybe it is because I am not a big fan of yellow – but I am starting to come round.

  10. That’s a beautiful Hellebore, with the brushstroke markings. Unlike VP, my Aconites have started seeding about, & I have to dig them out of the path. This means they like well-drained soil.

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