Snowdrop Peeping


Well today I was supposed to be going snowdrop peeping with VP at Painswick Rocco Garden

Snowdrop peeping is a term we had made up along the lines of leaf peeping alla New England.  I thought it was quite an apt term giving the size of snowdrops.

Sadly I had 5″ of snow overnight so there was no way I could get down to Gloucester or for that matter out of the end of our road so there was no snowdrop peeping for me.  VP also missed out as NAH wouldn’t be persuaded to go with her even when she tried cake bribery.  So no snowdrop peeping for us.

However, in my backgarden I discovered this snowdrop peeping through the snow so I did at least see a snowdrop today.

7 Comments on “Snowdrop Peeping

  1. Sorry you missed your trip – but so sweet to find a snowdrop in the snow 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you didn’t make it on your snowdrop peeping expedition, you must be bitterly fed up of the snow by now. I was deverstated to see it falling very heavily last night, but luckily the sun came out today and melted most of it.

    Love the lonesome snowdrop pic,

    RO xx

  3. Oh you must have both been disappointed. Our garden club was scheduled to visit Colesbourne today to see the snowdrops there. Don’t know how they got on yet. Like the peeping snowdrop.

  4. Wot a pity you missed out. We visited Paiswick, while snow falling, but not settling. I would have been interested to read what you thought of it.

    Best Wishes


  5. Love the tiny snowdrop. All winter we’ve been anxiously awaiting the snow… (I live in a ski resort.) I don’t think it’s ever going to arrive. Seems you’re getting every inch of the fluffy white stuff we so desperately need.

  6. A magical bloom offered up through a fluffy, wintry blanket. Sorry to hear you missed out on your snowdrop peeping adventure, though I hope you will be able to make the trip another day. I would love to see the photos! 🙂

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