Drive into the skid!!

A weekend of two halves this weekend.  The first half was full of the noise of motors revving and the second half of  flying  seed compost.

We had a great day on Saturday at Silverstone Race Course. It was my eldest’s birthday last weekend and one of his presents was learning to control a skidding car at Silverstone.  Having partaken of a very nice lunch at the White Lion in the village of Silverstone, voted the best pub in Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire 2009, we took him to the registration point.  I was amazed at how many ‘petrol heads’ there were all waiting for their couple of hours of excitement.  Charging around a track in a flash car doesn’t appeal to me at all but obviously it does appeal to lots of other people.  I had taken my Mum & Dad and youngest with me so once the eldest was deposited we drove the rest of the  way around the outside of the track and went off to the nearest garden centre.  Are you surprised?  I hadn’t been able to find anything else for us to do close to the track and  watching  someone learning to control a car on a cradle isn’t exactly a good spectator sport.   So the best thing we could come up with was a garden centre after all there would be a cafe with tea/coffee and cake.  The garden centre was OK,  although they didn’t have a Fatsia which I was after and which surprised me as I thought they were quite  common plants.  However, the coffee shop was very nice with a range of coffees and warm scones and jam – yum.  The eldest emerged from his experience with a big grin on his face and a certificate.  Hopefully now I won’t need to worry about him so much when he is out and about in the ice and snow.

Today I decided that I would get on and sow some more seeds.  I have previously confessed  on here, several times, that I am a seedaholic. I have around 60 little packets of seeds to sow this year which is really ridiculous but I just  can’t resist them.  In my defence most of the packets only have 5 or  so seeds in them.  I spent a pleasant hour in the greenhouse sowing some of the seeds from the  Hardy Plant Society – lots of little pots all neat and tidy, labelled and lined up.  Then disaster struck I had been watering two seed trays in the kitchen, picked them up to go back out to the greenhouse and somehow managed to drop them both!!  One landed  on  top of the other, wet seed compost went up the back door and over the  floor and me. I  now have one seed tray instead of two and I have no idea whether any of the seeds survived, only time will tell.  On looking in the mirror I discovered I had seed compost all over my face which at least made me laugh and see the funny side.

Hopefully, by next weekend the weather will have warmed up and I might be able to do some of the chores that are long overdue in the garden.

7 Comments on “Drive into the skid!!

  1. So much promise in all those little pots. My nightmare is planting seeds in two pots and forgetting which is which. They end up with 2 labels each until they reveal their identity.

  2. Hopefully theu are not going to germinate on your cheeks 🙂
    You’d better scrub up well.
    So impressed with that scale of sowing.

  3. To one seedaholic to an other I must say ‘It is looking good’ Helen. Finally we can start getting dirty. I have been looking for my pots and trays everywhere for a week now. I looked in the garage, in the grrenhouse and even in the cellar but no and today I found them under 50 cm snow. I’m back on track again 🙂

  4. Great start to the sowing season – you can pat yourself on the back. Dropped seed trays – been there, done that, got the T -Shirt 🙂

  5. lol. Sorry, I know not really funny, but the post was funny. You will have heirloom plants growing out of your laundry hamper.

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