End of month view March 2010

A day late with my end of month view this month as I didn’t want to miss posting my tulip shot for Wordless Wednesday yesterday.  There is some small progress in the garden from last month but typically its not really in the areas I am meant to be working on.   The bed above looks a bit better as the daffodils have  put on some real growth in the last couple of weeks.  I have started to add to the planting and put in a group of 5 Angelica gigas this weekend behind the Phormium so hopefully those will look good in time.

The bank is looking a real mess particularly as I have thrown a load of shredded plant material on it to act as a mulch.  The plants are beginning to re-emerge but I have much more to plant on this bank but I need to existing plants to emerge as I can’t remember what is where.  Oh yes and I must get that sink moved!!! As for the fence, yes I know I need to plant some climbers – its on the to do list.

The pond border is perking up.  I had forgotten that I had planted all my tulip bulbs that I used in pots the  last couple of years in this border. To be honest I am amazed they have come up as the soil gets  quite damp, now waiting to see whether they flower.  If they do it should look fab.  My Lobelia Cardinalis is also re-emerging from the winter cold.  Waiting to see what else comes back up.  Want this to be a hot border so will be booster the colour with some yummy Dahlias and more Lobelia – this time tupa.

The top of the wall border isn’t looking very inspiring.  I have planted out some Verbascum seedlings and have a load of Salvia to put in as a starting point.

Hopefully by the end of next month things will really have moved on.  Last month’s End of Month view is here

Why not join in and post an End of Month view showing a particular area of your garden and how it progresses through the year.  If you do decide to join in please let me know by leaving a link in the comments box below.

18 Comments on “End of month view March 2010

    • Hi there
      Thanks for joining in. My soil is quite heavy clay so not ideal for tulips although I have been adding organic matter for some time now and it is beginning to improve

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  2. Is that a rain barrel in the corner of your patio/ Pat and I went to a rain barrel workshop at the conservation dept last year. yhey work great. jim

  3. Helen, Mine is going up tomorrow…I am way behind but have been wanting to join you for months! I wish I could tuck a few cedar glade plants in my suitcase….They would love your heavy soil. I like the wall border; salvia and verbascum will look lovely there…gail

  4. Your borders are really beginning to wake up. and everything is looking great. I look forward to next month’s view. I hope all of your tulips bloom. Happy gardening!

  5. I’m a huge fan of these wide shots you post every so often. Seeing how others put plants together to form their garden is the most inspirational thing on these blogs for me!

  6. I think that your hot border is going to look great and I do like the way you have incorporated that attractive pot. What climbers are you planning to put in near the fence ? Am hoping to work on my ‘End of Month Border’ (it has now been officially named) this afternoon but don’t know if the weather is going to oblige.

  7. Hi there Helen, just small changes with me here too. Although that didn’t stop me chatting at length 😉

    The next two months will see the biggest changes I’d expect. Wishing you a great weekend with your family or out and about visiting gardens 😀

  8. Helen, it is looking great. In a week or two everything will burst open into springtime loveliness.~~Dee

  9. It is all neat and tidy and just waiting for spring to get fully underway. In a few weeks it will be filling out and making you smile. Patience, patientgardener.

  10. Love all the end of month views.

    I didn’t make an end of month post of my garden, but I did make a post of my neighbor’s tulips which I thought just marvelous considering that tulips usually perform poorly in the South.

    L’s Tulips

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