GBBD April 2010



At last I have more than 3 or 4 blooms to include in this month’s Garden Blogger Bloom Day post.  Spring is definitely here. A lot of colour in my garden at the moment is coming from various Primulas.  I have a growing fascination with them and have realised that the number and variety in my garden is increasing.  Many I have grown from seed but one or two I have bought.  I am particularly pleased with the Primula Dark Rosaleen (above) which has bulked up nicely and I am considering dividing. But then I am also very pleased with my Primula Denticulata which I have grown from seed (see below).



Needless to say there is an awful lot of yellow in the garden from the wide range of Daffodils that I seem to have accumulated over recent years.  Every year I  buy some of a different variety and promise myself I will remember what they are but I never do.  Here are two that I particularly like this year if only I knew what they are!



Other blooms out at the moment include my Camellia (below) and my Bergenia ‘Rosi Klose’ (below the Camellia) which is really flowering its socks off at the moment.



There are lots of other bulbs and spring flowers doing their bit to add to the colour at the moment including the ones below







I notice from last year’s April GBBD post that things were much further along this time last year.  I have tulips in flower and bud on the Irises but its hardly surprising that things are behind given the rotten winter we have had this year.

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11 Comments on “GBBD April 2010

  1. Love the primula, more than likely because I cannot grow. Funny how you want what you cannot have, oh well. Beautiful garden and thanks for the tour of whats blooming in your garden. Take care.

  2. The Primulas look wonderful, I can see why you’re amassing a collection of them. I don’t seem to have much luck with them. I wish I could help with your Daffodil ID, I particularly like the second one, it’s very cute.

  3. Some most pretty primulas there – I especially like the one at the very top – looks as if the leaves are tinged bronze. I am wondering if the second daff has small flowers – if so it might be Minnow 🙂 Wonder when things will finally catch up.

  4. It sure seems like you have a lot blooming now. They all look so pretty. I hope my Primula denticulatas come back again next year, they don’t seem real hardy here. I know your winter was much worse than ours though.
    I love the color of the flowers on your Bergenia, mine has the most hot pink flowers.

  5. I can see some of what you see in the primulas–The flowers are simple but beautiful, and the foliage is a perfect foil for them. With the slow onset of spring it sounds like you’re having to be an especially patient gardener this season. Hopefully the volcanic ash overhead from Icelyand doesn’t slow down your season even further!

  6. Primulas- Ah the stuff of dreams. They are such a gorgeous spring flower. Sometime we see them in the store here but I have never seen them in anyone’s garden. I wonder! I think I have that very same narcissus in the first picture. I don’t know what mine is either but it is very fragrant. Happy bloom day.

  7. Hooray for spring! You have many beautiful blooms. The bergenia is stunning, and I particularly admire your primulas, as I can’t grow them here. I can’t remember the names of my daffodils either, because they are all mixed up and naturalized. They are a cheerful welcome to spring!

  8. Lovely blooms!

    We have the opposite across the pond in Chicago – this spring is about a month ahead of usual.

    Last April was wet and chilly, and this April has been warm, sunny, and windy. Our maple trees that usually don’t leaf out until early May, are already almost fully leafed out. Our local paper says this is the warmest spring here in 139 years. It’s been feeling more like June than April.

  9. Lovely blooms Helen. I love primulas too and my collection is growing as well. The denticulatas were the first to bloom in my garden. Now I have p. veris, p. japonica & p. polyantha ‘gold laced’ ready to join them. I need more!!!!
    We are further behind than this time last year too. I think we experienced similar winters tho??? and I know we haven’t had the heat other parts of the states have been receiving.
    Maybe we’ll have a long summer and extended fall to make up for it??!!

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