Malvern Spring Show left me wanting….

Pyrrosia sheareri
I seem to have an innate ability to find things that I can’t have and this has been the theme of the Malvern show for me this year.  In  the past I have accepted that plants weren’t available to buy since I had assumed that the nursery had sold out on the first day.  However, this year despite going to the show on the first day  I  still have been thwarted in my desires for the unusual.

What caught my eye? Well I particularly liked the Pyrrosia  sheareri above which was on the Fernatix stand. They only had the one on the display but did suggest I may want to head off to a certain nursery in Caernarfon where I might just be able to find one!

Magnolia laevifolia 'Mini Mouse'

Then there was the Magnolia laevifolia ‘Mini Mouse’ on the Hardy Plant Society stand which had me completely hooked.  The nice guy on the stand even got the RHS Plantfinder out for me, again only one nursery may have it but this time I will have to go to Kent!!

Other plants whose names have appeared in my notebook for me to long for are: Halesia monticola f. rosea (Snowdrop Tree), Primula tangutica, Rheum palmatum ‘Saville’, Podophyllum emodi, Disporium canonieense ‘Night Heron’ and Hosta ‘One Man’s Treasure’ (below)

I liked the dark  stems on this Hosta and think it would look good with the Iris Robusta I succumbed to yesterday when I was taking our overseas visitors around some Herefordshire gardens – at least I could buy the Iris.

Before you feel sorry for me (which you probably don’t) I would say that I manage to buy quite a few other plants, some of which I tried to buy last year – Primula sieboldii ‘Snowflakes’, Impatiens Omeriana, Iris ‘Lady in Red’ and Iris ‘Sweet Kate’ being amongst them.

So it looks like I may be spending  some time over the coming months pouring over the RHS Plantfinder and searching the internet for  new treasures but for me that’s one of the joys of gardening.


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  1. Ryan says:

    The Pyrrosia sheareri looked absolutely amazing and is on my wish list too. Which nursery is it sold in?

    I also struggled to find any nursery selling a certain Podophyllum even though many displayed it. Quite frustrating.

  2. I do like the look of that Hosta and the Magnolia laevifolia ‘Mini Mouse’. Good luck finding them.

  3. So I will be seeing you soon then 🙂

    What lovely plants you have found for your wishlist – and I can just see the Pyrrosia sheareri looking very elegant in your garden, which I have to say looked gorgeous on Friday evening.

    Thanks to you and VP for organizing a fabulous bloggers get to-gether and your hospitality

  4. joco says:

    Isn’t it infuriating to see tantalizing plants and not being able to get hold of them.

    ( “We just sold the last of them”. Well, give me that one then. “Can’t do that I’m afraid” How about a cutting? I’ll gladly pay. Shhh, sharp intake of breath: “Can’t do that”)

    When I finally got hold of a minute soft wood cutting of Deutzia senechuensis corymbiflora, having failed to procure a proper plant, it took me two years to get it to reach 6 inches. It is showing buds now. Hurrah.

    What a life we gardeners lead: furstrations, hard work, poverty… Why do we do it?

    Sorry I missed you all. Probably jostled some of you in the throng 🙂

  5. Anna says:

    You and me both besotted with ‘Minnie Mouse’. I didn’t enquire at the HPS stand but was busy ‘googling’ for her last night with no joy – now I know why 🙂 Kent is a long way from here! Still you have some great new purchases to plant in your beautiful garden which you are much too modest about. Echoing Karen’s sentiments – you and VP did us proud – thank you muchly 🙂

  6. Anna says:

    P.S. Like the new header – would have asked for directions if the weather had been more clement yesterday!

  7. Liz says:

    OOh, Helen, I do love that Magnolia!!

    I hope you had a great time at the show, it certainly sounds like you must have with the treasures you found 🙂

  8. Roland says:

    Ahhh, Pyrossia polydactylis is one that I have and LOVE but Pyrossia shearii has long been on my wish list. I asked about it during my recent visit to said mystery nursery in North Wales, and he didn’t have any….so you’re search may prove fruitless there. A friend of mine chanced one on ebay, from Shady Plants. I was actually staring one in the face today at a nursery, but in a ‘not for sale’ glasshouse. May I ask which stand you saw it on? Incidently, it will need bringing into warmer parts for the winter.

  9. Roland says:

    Silly me. You say on the Fernatix stand. Apologies. It wasn’t Fernatix that I saw it.

  10. I’ve also been enamored of that Disporum, but don’t have it. Yet. The Magnolia is wonderful. I’ll have to check on the hardiness.

  11. Barbarapc says:

    Mini Mouse is adorable – I would welcome the opportunity to see if I could kill it. See that it’s from New Zealand – from time to time I’ve had luck with their plants. I suppose the most important thing would be when the buds are formed and whether they could take a bit of freezing.

    Sometimes I think the quest to find the plant is almost as much fun as securing it.

  12. elizabethm says:

    I love that magnolia. Please don’t go to Crug without me!
    Thank you so much for organising a fabulous meet up and for being brave enough to have us all over. It was great to meet everyone and to see your garden which is even better than the photos!

  13. Some of the plants on your wish list are gorgeous – hope you manage to get them. Sorry there was not time to speak to you properly at the Show – I kept going back to the bloggers meeting point. Another time perhaps, but meanwhile thanks to you and Michelle for brining us all together. Ann (Grandma’s Garden)

  14. I would want that delicate Magnolia ‘mini mouse’ too!

  15. Dobby says:

    Hi Helen, thanks to you and Michelle for all your hard work. It may take a few more days for you both to recover, but I’m sure you will look back and agree! I too saw a few plants that I would have liked but either didn’t know about them (investigation required before purchase) or they didn’t have them to sell.

  16. James says:

    Magnolia laevifolia is a delight after undergoing various namechanges, I have a nice one in a pot here in malvern. Don’t bother going for that particular cultivar. A Nursery alot closer to here has them fairly regularly. Stone House Cottage, nr Kidderminster. I’ve casually read your blog on and off for the past few years and it’s just clicked that you live in Malvern! Similar interest in plants also… Happy Gardening – given the snow!

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi James
      Thanks for popping by and saying hi. I discovered Stone House Cottage last summer but I was looking at perennials. I will see if they have that Magnolia on my next visit.

  17. Stephen Anderton says:

    I got P. sheareri from Mike Keep’s nursery in Ireland a couple of years back, very easily. Could try him. I’d seen it at the Bloedel reserve in Seattle. Re One Man’s Treasure, it’s the flowers that are so good. Out for me at 900ft in the Black Mountains now, in October. Very elegant wide panicles. Special.

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