Better than a gym any day

In an attempt to get fit, which I am most certainly not, I have started to go for regular walks on the  Malvern Hills. With such a wonderful landscape no more than 10 minutes from my door it seems daft to waste money on joining a gym and to be honest I can’t think of anything more boring than spending time on a running machine.

The views are stunning before you even get to the top of the peaks.  I prefer the other side of the hills to where I live – the Colwall, Hereford side.  You can just see the Welsh hills in the distance. We went up the hills in the evening, at about 7:30 and the lighting was magical.  Sadly my camera hasn’t picked up the wonderful vibrant greeness that seemed to enfuse the landscape.

The view from the peak I reached, next week going to try and get abit further along but with a better hat as the wind was really whistling by the time we got to this peak.  This is obviously the best time of day to visit the hills – you can see how desserted they are.  We can see the top of the hills from my kitchen and during the day, particularly at weekends, there are always people walking along.  The only living things around were some sheep which just ignored us.

We saw this floriflorious rhodendron on the way back down the hill to the car, peering over the top of someone’s fence.  I thought this was special but there was something even more special as we headed home along Jubilee Drive

I thought I had found the best bluebells the other week over at West Malvern but this display is just something else – it really took my breath away.  I sent my parents to have a look today and they said there were quite a few people taking photos of the display.  I wonder if the bluebell displays, like the blossom display, are better this year due to the cold winter.

I have decided that not only is a walk on the hills good for my physically but  also spirtually.

18 Comments on “Better than a gym any day

  1. Helen, how very sensible of you to go for nice long walks in the beautiful area where you live. Much more fun than a work out at the gym and much better for the soul as well.

    Wow, those bluebells are amazing!

  2. Helen, I dropped my gym membership~it’s so easy to walk. Lots more fun, too. The bluebells are wonderful…gail

  3. I wish I had scenery like that on my doorstep. I find the South Downs rather dull although that is in part because I was bought up in the most beautiful part of Wales (Gower) and got spoilt for scenery!

  4. Perhaps you should add a walk to next years Malvern Meet! Walking is great excercise. Especially when walking with friends (the jaw tends to get excercised as well) I think your hills are wonderful and the bluebells stunning.

  5. Dobby – if I walk to next year’s malvernmeet (if we go it again!!) I will have to struggle to carry all my purchases home!

  6. Now with stupendous scenery like that on my doorstep I would give the gym a wide,wide berth. Must seek out bluebells next year.

  7. Gorgeous, especially the bluebells. I have been walking every day when looking after son’s dog but she went home yesterday. I must try to get out nevertheless, loved it and lost five pounds!

  8. It’s the awful music that is sufficient to keep me away from all gyms at all times! But I know what you mean about the spiritual benefits of those hills, too. I am sure both body and mind will benefit from many walks up those gorgeous hills.

  9. Helen it is great for your readers too! Thank you for the walk into your breathtakingly beautiful landscape. Beautiful photos… all of them! Keep walking! Looking forward to getting a bit further along the hill!! ;>)

  10. walking in a such beautiful landscape like Malvern is definately spirit up-lifting! you are truly blessed living there 🙂

  11. The bluebells are breathtaking!

    The spouse and I were walking regularly during the cold weather, but once the garden work started in the spring….well, we rationalized that we’re getting plenty of exercise in the garden. Probably not as much as we think. 🙂 Having a beautiful place to walk close by would be a great motivator.

  12. Walking is much better than the gym. I was very impressed by the hills when I visited Malvern – they were “real” ones. The Bluebells are impressive – always a spectacle especially as their display is so brief.

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