As well as the Aquilegas that I showed in the last post, the cottagey theme is continued in my garden with the outbreak of an extreme case of Irisiitis.

I am very lucky that I seem to be able to grow Irises in this garden particularly as they are one of my favourites flowers.  The clay soil in my garden probably helps as it provides extra fertility.  The clay soil has an annoying  habit of baking in the summer sun but this is ideal for bearded irises as to get the best flowers the rhizomes really need to have a good baking.  I am always careful not to plant my Bearded Irises where they will be overshadowed by anything to make sure the rhizomes get a good baking in the summer sun.

Unsurprisingly, I succumbed to the two Irises above at the Malvern show earlier this month.  They are dwarf Bearded Irises which I haven’t grown before and I thought it would be nice to have some short ones that would look right at the front of the border which is the ideal location.  The one of the left is Sweet Kate and the one on the right is Lady in Red.

My favourite Bearded Iris is Langport Wren.  I divided my plant last year and was thrilled that the one I moved to the front garden is flowering well this year and looks better than I expected against the bright yellow of the Oregano.

This blue Iris was the first one I ever got and it, or part of it, has moved house with me at least twice.  The current plant has 17 stems of flowers on it which look stunning.  I suppose I need to divide it at some point but it does seem a pity to have to break up such a nice clump although I understand that dividing it will help to rejuvenate it.

As well as Bearded Irises I have some Siberian Irises which I also love – no surprises there.  They are so elegant and just seem to look after themselves.

Next weekend I am  thinking of popping up Shrewsbury way to visit Claire Austin’s nursery and see the Iris fields.  The only thing is that I wonder whether the Irises will be going over due  to the heat we have had this week and there is also the concern that I may end up coming home with another Iris!

9 Comments on “Iris-tastic

  1. Wonderful Iris, Helen and also wonderful photos!

    I don’t have any beardeds in the garden but I feel your photos might just have convinced me to get some 🙂

  2. I really like irises too. I bought several from a friend this year. He’ll dig them in early September to plant here. It will be fun to see them in a couple of springs. I like your picks. I bet they look great in your garden.~~Dee

  3. Those irises are beautiful but is it just me or do the iris sibericas only flower for about 5 minutes?!

    • I dont think the Siberian Irises go over any quicker than any other iris and you get so many blooms per plant

  4. Sadly my irises seem to have disappeared – must remedy the situation. Would not worry about coming home with another 🙂

  5. Iris-tastic, indeed! I am looking forward to my own case of irisitis in a couple of weeks; right now, I’m starting to see buds on most of my siberian irises. Like you, I’m thinking about a trip to a favorite nursery with iris fields this week.

  6. I love all kinds of Irises. Their commanding presence is an additional beauty to any garden. Hope you have come back with some Irises from that nursery.

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