A Refreshing Mist

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I have agreed to trial some products for My Pure.  The second product is from A’kin Skin Care Products and is a Pure Rose Hyrdrating Mist. As you can imagine this product has been invaluable in the recent hot weather.

A’kin is an Australian company and therefore you assume they know what they are talking about when it comes to hyrdrating products. They describe this product as “a revitalising mist designed to give your skin an instant refreshing lift and enliven your complexion, while soothing even the most sensitive of skins”.

I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed it certainly worked very well during the recent hot weather. It has a pleasant scent and the smell of roses is obvious  but not cloying.  The rest of the natural ingredients I have never heard of apart from Old Man Banksia which is a real Aussie plant.

My one complaint is the size of the product.  It appears to only come in 125ml bottle which is just too big and heavy for a hand bag.  I think it would be much handier if they introduced a small version which you could pop in your bag to help you freshen up during the day.

The final product I tested this month was Lovea Moroccan Argan Brilliance Shine Shampoo and I’m afraid to say that I just didn’t like this product.  In fact I only used it a couple of times because it left my hair feeling heavy.

I have naturally very thick hair and I am lucky that it is quite shiny generally.  I have found before with products that claim to give you  shiny hair that they make my hair feel unclean and heavy and I suspect that whatever is in the product to achieve the shineness is too much for my hair. Unfortunately the shampoo seemed to have the opposite affect on my hair to the manufacturers’ claims ” is ideal for lifeless hair, it fortifies hair and restores sheen and brilliance. Your hair should become stronger and rediscover its natural bounce. ” However, there are a number  of positive reviews on the MyPure website so maybe it will work for you.

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