Theraputic Poppies

I have beeen feeling fidgety the last couple of days and out of sorts – couldn’t settle to anything.  So this afternoon, instead of wasting time drifting from one thing to another I went to Hampton Court Gardens in Herefordshire.  This is only 30 mins from me so I have written about it a few times here, here and here.

I haven’t been to the garden at this time of year before, generally my visits have been in August during my summer leave so it was interesting to see what was flowering at the moment.  The garden was awash with Opium Poppies. Sumptious pinks, purples,  mauves.  Lovely tissue paper flowers perched like butterflies on top of the glaucous blue fleshy stems.

As well as Opium Poppies there were also sizzling orange Californian Poppies which worked very well as an edging and along side the Nepeta.

The Alliums  I saw in bud back at the beginning of May are now well and truely out in flower and stunning planted en masse in the borders.  It just shows that mass planting really works if you  have the space.

The worst part of the visit was that I spotted this Crambe which I am now coverting ALOT!  I really really want one of these – its on the list now, in fact at the top of the list, in fact maybe I will be able to get one when I go to the Cottesbrooke Plant Fair next weekend.

I came away feeling refreshed and recharged – the power of gardens strikes again.

9 Comments on “Theraputic Poppies

  1. I like those opium poppies! I’d like to grow some of those new ones that the American gardeners are raving about. There are some amazing colours out there, and I think could make an interesting combination with Cerinthe and my blue Yucca rostrata…

  2. Love this post.

    The willow fence is exactly what I want to add to my allotment and the Crambe (cordifolia?) is going on the wish-list. Gorgeous!

    Sounds like you needed that visit? Hope it did the trick.


  3. Thanks for the preview – I’ll be visiting Hampton gardens in a couple of weeks – I can hardly wait. The allium are just wonderful – wonder if they’ll leave the seeds-heads – or there will be something new? Imagine living so close you can visit at will…..

  4. There’s nothing like a day in a beautiful garden to recharge the batteries. Love those alliums!

  5. Hi Helen – oh, what a nice surprise to see that beautiful garden again in different season. Looks so different. I’d love to see it in the summer. I wonder how kitchen garden looks like.
    Thanks for posting!

  6. That would have recharged me too Helen. It’s a beautiful place. Lucky you to have it so close by. Opium poppies are my favorite so I absolutely LOVE that first photo! I would love to have so many Alliums too ~ just a wonderful display.
    ps thanks for the advice on the Canterbury bells. I will just have to keep starting new seed. Oh, I am definitely not opposed to “cheating” and buying new plants but I hardly ever see them for sale around here? I’m not sure why? They are perfectly hardy and so pretty.

  7. I’m so glad you gave yourself an artist’s date by going to this lovely garden. My poppies didn’t do much this year so I’m thrilled to see theirs. Yes, orange and blue looks so nice and complimentary together doesn’t it, and I never thought of using such as an edging. I hope to get to England someday. Gail and I talked about it much of the time she was here.

    Hope you’re feeling more in sorts.~~Dee

  8. Aaah! must visit Hampton Court one day. Looks like you had a great day, and good weather! The Crambe is a stunner. It grew well in Chicago, surprisingly.

    I think I first saw that glorious poppy at a National Trust garden – Stoneacre … some years ago. Can’t recall the name, but what a gorgeous color and form. Rosemary Alexander of the English Gardening School was in residence, and I found her so charismatic. Her and the poppies!

  9. I wondered what followed the tulips near that fencing – now I know 🙂 Glad that the garden worked its magic on you and that you came back revived.

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